#ParentsFlexUp – Create Your Career Plan – Part 4

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By Heather Black

August 15, 2022
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Do you want to earn more, work less and love life? Yes? Join us for part 4 of the #ParentsFlexUp Career Plan as we show you how to make yourself in demand and indispensable.

During our #ParentsFlexUp Campaign we’re talking about how to create your career plan to relaunch your career and work towards achieving £60/$120k a year as a Salesforce professional. We’re going to teach you to earn more, work less and love life during this four part series. 

During these four episodes we’re sharing advice on how to create your #ParentsFlexup Career Plan:

  • How to create the right mindset for success (Part 1)
  • How and what to learn to accelerate your success (Part 2)
  • How to decide which job is right for you and when (Part 3)
  • How to make yourself in demand and indispensable (Part 4)

#ParentsFlexUp – What have we covered over the past 3 weeks?

The first three tips focus back in on the topics covered within the first three parts of these series:

1) Have a positive ambitious mindset. Demonstrate you are driven, energised, confident and enthusiastic to learn new things. People want to love having you around and that you relish life and work and have clear goals to work towards. Be seen and heard, especially if you are working remotely. 

2) Demonstrate your appetite for learning and gaining new certifications and skills to advance your skills in your role. Don’t learn for the sake of it but showcase how you can or have put this learning into practice and the impact it can make in your new or existing role. Showcase your transferrable skills and expertise and start to build out your niche and specialisms as a a trusted expert. 

3) Be clear on your skills, strengths and attributes that you bring to a job and why you relish such a job role. Demonstrate the outcomes you have achieved previously, the feedback that you got and the impact you have on the business through the work you have done do. If you are pitching for a new role, question them on their business pain points and needs and propose the value you could bring to the table based on your previous experience.

How to Make Yourself In-Demand and Indispensable

These next four tips reinforce these aspects and encourage you to align with Salesforce’s core values. Their values underpin the company’s brand, success and resilience during tough times and they are amplified into the eco-system. I therefore feel that any salesforce professional should also reflect these core values in their role to achieve success. 


Salesforce act as trusted advisors to their customers, employees, and extended family through transparency, security, compliance, privacy, and performance by delivering the industry’s most trusted infrastructure. As a Salesforce professional you want to promote trust and confidence in your role and to step into this position of authority. 

Customer Success

Salesforce focus on demonstrating and articulating ‘value’ of their product to help a customer appreciate it’s contribution to their business and how they are achieving customer success, As a Salesforce professional you want to make yourself dispensable by clearly reporting back on the ROI that the CRM and your related work is having to show it’s contribution to the companies financial bottom line. 


Salesforce continue to innovate and expand on their suite of products to add value and give customers competitive advantage. This builds out their relationships with companies. As a Salesforce professional it is advisable to follow suite and diversify your skills in a suite of products then equally give more value to your current or prospective employee. 


Salesforce believe everyone should be seen, heard, valued, and empowered to succeed. Hearing diverse perspectives fuels innovation, deepens connections between people, and makes us a better company. As a Salesforce professional you are one of 15 million people world wide that make up the Trailblazer Community. Building your personal brand and demonstrating you are part of this community through giving back, asking and sharing expertise and building a network of peers is of interest to employers. . 

Learn more about a flexible well paid career!

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Written By:

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Heather Black
Heather is a certified NLP Coach and founder of a Salesforce Consultancy and Supermums Recruitment and Training. With an extensive background in speaking, coaching training and employability support, she is passionate about empowering people with the right skills, attributes and knowledge to be successful in their career.

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