Day 2 – Meet the Customer Success Platform

By Jennifer Wood

April 5, 2020
1 min read

Salesforce started with a Sales platform, and it is still the No 1 Sales CRM platform globally. In response to demand and innovation they have however diversified into other products to give customers a scalable cloud solution. It now has products to support marketing, service, e-commerce, analytics and customer community, as well as the ability to custom build many other customer requirements.

You have two paths to kick off your career, either learning Salesforce Admin Skills which teaches you the fundemantals of the platform and the Sales and Service Cloud essentials, or learning about Marketing Cloud, which is a standalone product that connects with Salesforce.

There isn’t a need to learn all of the products at the get go, but during your career path with Salesforce you can specialise or diversify to learn new products as you wish to keep it interesting.

I enjoy continuing to learn the wide range of new products and using them with clients.

Task 2- Understand the product by watching the demo’s on this webpage

What’s Next

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