Day 3 – Salesforce powers learning with Trailhead

Trailhead is a free learning platform established by Salesforce a few years ago. It wasn’t around when I started my career with Salesforce and courses were pretty expensive to access. This platform offers internationally recognised certifications for people working in the industry. It has reduced the barrier to entry for so many people to get started with their learning and you definitely don’t need a background in IT or business. You can earn you first certification today and put it on your LinkedIn and CV…it’s that easy!

To give you an introduction to the platform we encourage you to complete your first Trailhead Module. The learners on the Supermums Course, complete over 50 trailheads as part of our course, with different badges scheduled per week, so it’s going to a platform that you want to families yourself with.

You can learn about Salesforce just from trailheads, but people sign up to Supermums as they want to be part of an accountable, structured and supportive programme that offers much more than training and accelerates your chance for success.

Task 3 – Get started with Trailhead

Complete your first Trail module here that introduces you to the Salesforce platform and the role of a Salesforce Admin.

If you are interested in Marketing Cloud, here is one for you too.

What’s Next

Task 4 – Learn about different careers with Salesforce –  Click Here

Task 5 – Find out about to achieve a career with Salesforce with some inspiring stories – Click Here

Find out about Supermums

If you are interested in learning more about the Supermums Admin or Marketing Cloud Training Courses then click here to download a pack and then book a call with our career consultant.

Join our community in the Supermums Facebook Group  to ask your questions or get inspired.

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