Day 5 – Learn how to achieve your career with Salesforce

If you have been inspired by the products, the company and the careers, then it’s time to take action to achieve your career with Salesforce.

We believe there are some essential components to achieving a career with Salesforce.

Completing Trailhead modules provides a good start, but it’s not enough to land a job. It’s why we started the Salesforce Supermums Programme to provide a more rounded offer to help mums achieve their career ambitions.

Personally I have designed and delivered employability support programmes since 2003 and I’ve interviewed many candidates as part of running my Salesforce consultancy, so I know how to get someone from A to Z in a Salesforce Career.

Our trainees tell us that our programme provides accountability, training, coaching, mentoring, real-life work experience, employment readiness and job search support within a supportive community. These are all essential ingredients to establish your career in Salesforce.

To get started, we have the 6 month Admin Course or 4 month Marketing Cloud course as entry routes into the eco-system.

Check out our Day in the Life case studies and video stories with our alumni here.

Join over 200 trainees who are forging their new career in the Salesforce eco-system. Here what they say bout our courses:

  • “ I found the format helped me keep on track as I had weekly deadlines to complete the learning objectives.”
  • “The live webinars work well as we can interject if we needed clarification on something at the time”
  • “ I liked having a group of people to work with and learn from. I liked interacting with the tutors.”
  • “The format of the course, in terms of being in a specific cohort with weekly webinars and homework, really worked for me as it gave me focus.”
  • “For me, gaining insight into working with a project manager was useful and interesting as this is a world of work that I have never worked in before.”
  • “It was really good to start using Salesforce in a real life system during my work experience. I enjoyed working through problems and figuring out how to implement things.”

Get involved with Supermums to accelerate your career

Reserve your place now on one of our courses starting in throughout the year!

If you are interested in learning more about the Supermums Admin or Marketing Cloud Training Courses then click here to download a pack and then book in a call with our career consultants.

Join our community in the Supermums Facebook Group to ask your questions or get some motivation.

Best Wishes,

Heather Black

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