Congratulations to our Supermums!

By Abigail Julian

November 7, 2019
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On 4th November, graduates, alumni, new trainees, volunteers and friends of Supermums gathered at Salesforce Tower to celebrate success. During the evening we discussed 4 key topics that can help you build your career in Salesforce which you can hear more about on Heather’s new podcast.

The evening kicked off with we Paul Smith, Salesforce’s EVP and GM UK, sharing the values driven nature of the business and Salesforce’s commitment to equality on all aspects of the business.

Supermums is a brilliant example of a community training and developing the technology skills needed to succeed and find new and exciting career opportunities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. At Salesforce, we’re doing our part by supporting new models of education – it’s a big focus for us to make sure that people at every age and experience level develop the skills they need now and in the future.”

Paul Smith EVP & GM Salesforce UK

Tim Crumpler, Salesforce Platform Owner, St. James’s Place Wealth Management, shared how pleased the business is to be supporting a project that aligns with their organisational values and explained their strategy for striving for a diverse and inclusive workforce. ‘We put people at the heart of everything we do.’

To see the speeches in full head to our Facebook group to watch them.

The evening continued with a certificate presentation as well as a panel session, discussing how you can make a career in Salesforce that works for you. Supermums provides training in Salesforce, but it’s so much more. We want to continue to support Supermums on their career journey, creating a supportive network that creates change. As Kayleigh Potter, one of our Panellists said:

‘We are Supermums. We are an army. Put us together and we can change the world!

Kayleigh Potter, Marketing Account Executive, Salesforce

Explore your potential

Lucy, is a Supermums graduate now working as a Salesforce project manager for the School for Social Entrepreneurs. She shared her journey of using clicks not code to transform the way her organisation manages and uses data to create a huge impact in the effectiveness of their work. A graduate of 2018, Lucy has grown in confidence and enjoyed building a system that is useful and productive.

Lucy said ‘There were times, having pushed the capabilities of the system to the limit, when I wondered if we could do this but we have done it! It’s a great sense of achievement.’

Through retraining Lucy has also achieved the flexibility she desired and works in an organisation that supports this, working 2 days at home and 2 in the office.

Create a vision for success

Paula, a business psychologist and coach shared her thoughts and tips on tools you can use to visualise change and gain personal insight into the type of role and career that could suit you. ‘If you are thinking of retraining, psychometric tests are a really good start at looking at what might suit you.’ Paula also discussed the importance of getting to know yourself:

‘Understand the time it takes you to change – some of us like to jump in and others need to inch their way in. Know what will suit you and accept it so you can work with it. Understanding yourself is the most important part of making a successful transition.’

Create your success

Kayleigh, is three months back into her Marketing Cloud Executive role after maternity leave. She is a Committee member of the Salesforce Women’s Network and proud to work for a company that stands up for values. Inspired by Lean In movement, Kayleigh believes in the importance of women supporting each other. At the beginning of the year the Women’s Network agrees the shape a programme for the year, including workshops and tools that will help everyone succeed. Kayleigh recently started ‘Lean In’ inspired circle – inviting other women to support and encourage each other in the workplace.

‘I do it for selfish reasons its really fun coming back to work and doing something you are passionate about.‘ She advises if there isn’t a network you can join ‘start one!’

Build your profile

Christine Marshall, ‘The Everyday’ admin joined us to share her experience of building a profile in the Salesforce community. Having built her profile with a successful blog and social media presence, Christine She shared how she got over her imposter syndrome and put herself out there and hasn’t looked back since. She found her first event ‘terrifying’ but a trip to London’s Calling inspired her and she wanted to be a catalyst for other people’s learning. Her advice: ‘Just do it – if you feel passionate and have something to share. All of us are rooting for you. Its all about shared success. Believe in yourself!’

‘Salesforce is a transformative career. I’m so excited for you starting your journey! I went from feeling undervalued and underpaid. Now, when I walk into a meeting they listen to me and pay me well, I’m the product expert. I’ve developed a belief in myself I never had before.’

Do you want to be joining us for our graduation event next year? Sign up to our courses starting in November (UK & Europe) or December (USA) now. Download more information HERE


Written By:

Abigail Julian

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