Celebrating our Talent Alliance Partnership with Salesforce

We are delighted to be working with Salesforce on their new Talent Alliance Partnership initiative to help bring new talent into the Salesforce eco-system.

The Talent Alliance Partnership is helping to connect workforce development organisations, such as Supermums, with employers around the globe who are looking to hire new salesforce resource. The initiative champions diversity, equality, and new talent development to help fill the new job roles being created.

By 2024, Salesforce will have created over 4.2 million jobs and we need to increase supply of talent and help broker in new talent.

Workforce development organisations such as Supermums, provide reputable and supportive training pathways and our partnership with Salesforce helps to open doors to new jobs that can be difficult to achieve working alone.

Companies are quickly signing up to the Talent Alliance Initiative to access new well trained talent and to demonstrate their commitment to hiring from diverse talent pools.

The Talent Alliance Partnership gives Supermums access to additional job opportunities for our graduates. We are delighted to be speaking on a spotlight session on the 23rd September to engage and advise Employers about our talented alumni. Register here to attend.

Over the last few years we have worked so closely with Salesforce and it’s employees to achieve so many outcomes for our mission and alumni. For which we are thankful:

– We launched Supermums at Manchester Salesforce World Tour

– We have secured new company accounts and jobs for our trainees

– We have secured new partnerships and sponsors amongst customers and partners

– We have secured new volunteers as mentors and trainers

– We have secured PR and media opportunities including our trailblazer video.

– We have hosted our graduation events for trainees

– We have been nominated for Industry Awards

– We have attracted new trainees via word of mouth including sisters, wives, mothers, daughters…..and the rest!

– We have become an official Trailhead Academy Partner

Thank you to Salesforce for backing us and our mission, we couldn’t have done it without you. We look forward to many more years to come!

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