9 Ways to SMASH Your Next Salesforce Interview ☁

Our Supermums graduates have interviews for some amazing roles through the Supermums Recruitment Programme this week! So we’re sharing our top interview tips to help you smash those interviews and land your dream Salesforce role…

1 – Talk about the time you invest in your own personal development

How and when do you make time to learn? Talk about the trailheads, certifications, and other training you might have completed. List them all! Interviewers will love hearing about self-motivation and interest in the sector.

2 – Talk about the financial and personal investment you have made in yourself to learn.

Our trainees pay for our Supermums course and invest 40 days plus in their own learning. This shows huge commitment to upskilling and getting the right skills and experience in place to do a new job.

3 – Talk about your involvement in the Salesforce community

Talk about any peer groups you are part of, and how you interact with these groups and draw on them for help when you need it. This shows real dedication to and passion for the sector!

4 – Talk about your Salesforce project experience and explain your own customer success stories

Talk about your work experience – discuss the problems your clients were experiencing before they implemented Salesforce – what technical solutions did you implement? What benefits were experienced thanks to your contribution? Don’t forget to seek references from your mentor and team members on the project!

5 – Talk about your job satisfaction

What do you enjoy about working in Salesforce? Really think about this, and let it shine through in your answers! Draw on your past and recent experiences with Salesforce, and let them know what you’d LOVE about the role.

6 – Reflect on what the new job entails

Set aside some time beforehand to really reflect on what the role would entail – think through your strategies for the role, and what you feel personal success would look like for you in this new role. Being clear in your own mind will help with your confidence and show your interviewer that you are committed.

7 – Talk about your future ambitions

Where do you want to take your career in the long run? Which certifications and training are you planning to do next? Know what success will look like for you in the next few years.

8 – Explain why you like the company

Learn about the company and express what it is about them that interests you. This is also a good opportunity to talk about what an ideal flexible career role might look like for you right now and in the future.

9 – Don’t forget to ask about the company

Ask about their vision, strategy, culture, employees, flexible working practices… see if you can meet any of your potential work colleagues. Find out about the company’s experience and uptake of Salesforce so far so you know what you are getting in to.

Looking for your dream Salesforce role? ☁

Find out more about our Supermums Recruitment Programme here or contact Victoria, our recruitment expert, to find your dream Salesforce job now ❤

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