How to progress from a Salesforce Administrator to Salesforce CRM System Manager 

By Heather Black

February 5, 2024
5 min read

How do you progress from a Salesforce Administrator to a Salesforce CRM System Manager? 

When you start as a Salesforce Administrator it’s great to have a progression plan with your employer that outlines your learning plan with roles and responsibilities that sets out how a promotion and salary increase can take place. As a Salesforce professional, you should always be learning, acquiring new skills, and developing your potential. There are different career tracts you could take and over the next four weeks, we are going to be sharing these pathways with you to help you plan out your journey to learning and earning more. 

Join as we look at how a Salesforce Administrator can progress to become:

  • Part 1 – Salesforce CRM System Manager 
  • Part 2 – Salesforce Consultant 
  • Part 3 – Salesforce Developer 
  • Part 4 – Marketing Cloud Consultant

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This week we look at how a Salesforce Administrator can progress to a Salesforce CRM System Manager, then on to a Technology Officer. 

Salesforce Administrator 

Role: Gathering and Implementing Requirements and Supporting End Users 
Salary: £30-40k / US $87k-107k
Responsibilities: At this stage you are actively showing you can gather and manage pro-active and reactive Salesforce administrative tasks to keep your users happy and to keep the system compliant, secure, and in good working order.

  • CRM requirements are being documented, managed, and completed to meet user requirements. 
  • Managing the Centre of Excellence for SMT and allocated admin responsibilities amongst delegated admins.
  • Tracking User Adoption and Data Input by Users across a System 
  • Manages a systematic way of logging, prioritising, and managing cases/requirement log
  • Receiving 4/5 star feedback from users on Salesforce Use Cases and Onboarding.
  • Managing the Four Roles of an Awesome Admin tasks to meet system, data, and security requirements –
  • Management and implementation of integrated apps and systems that support team members

Learning Pathway

Progression to Advanced Admin/ CRM Systems Manager / Product Manager

Role: Demonstrating Control and Execution of Deliverables to Support Business 
Salary: £40-50k / US $107-137k
Responsibilities: At this stage, you are working with the management team and you should be able to actively demonstrate the value of your work to the company by being able to show how your activities are helping the company to be more profitable overall to justify the ROI.

  • All of the above, and…
  • Able to demonstrate the return on investment from the Salesforce work being completed. 
  • Proactively undertaking business analysis, identifying areas for improvement, proposing ideas, and implementing solutions that maximise financial efficiencies and gains for the company’s bottom line. 
  • Data Intelligence is 100% across teams and the data is informing strategic decisions and performance. 
  • The Four Roles of an Awesome Admin Tasks are being pro-actively completed with visible compliance across data dashboards. 
  • Comprehensive Documentation for the system, training resources, and processes are fully mapped out and maintained
  • Managing junior admins delegated admins and/or Salesforce champions

Learning Pathway

  • Relevant Certifications for Products to be used eg. Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Pardot, CRM Analytics
  • Training and Application of Business Analysis, Change Management, and Agile Project Management Skills if not acquired already. Check out the Supermums Consultancy Skills Course

Progression to Salesforce Programme Manager/Technology Officer

Role: Strategic Management of Systems and Value Add to Business 
Salary: £55k-£74k / US $136k-150k
Responsibilities: At this stage, you are part of the senior management team and leading an organizational-wide technology strategy and roadmap with the ability to report on return on investment KPIs every quarter to the Centre of Excellence. 

  • Be able to manage all of the above, and.. 
  • Conduct Business Analysis to aid decision making and technology priorities for the business with senior management. 
  • Document and own the CRM strategy and ROI deliverables reporting back every quarter.
  • Executing Agile Project Management with an organizational-wide CRM Strategy and Roadmap where Business Performance is being maximized through system improvements – tangible increase in income, profit, and reduced expenses.
  • The proactive investigation, management, and improvements to overall technology systems and processes across the business reporting to the COO. 
  • Can manage a wider Salesforce and Tech Team – Interns, Junior Admins, Business Analysts, Developers etc.

Learning Pathway

  • Relevant Certifications for Products to be used eg. Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Pardot, CRM Analytics

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Written By:

Heather Black
Heather is the founder of Supermums Recruitment and Training. With an extensive background in Salesforce Consultancy, Career Coaching and Training she is passionate about empowering people with the right skills, attributes and knowledge to be successful in their career.

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