How to Motivate Yourself to Learn

By Heather Black

April 10, 2022
4 min read

We are living in rapidly changing times. If we want to continue to grow and develop, we need to make sure we are learning new skills faster to keep current and to you make sure you are ahead of your competition if you decide to go for a new job or that promotion. At Supermums our mission is to empower and motivate women to engage in life-long learning to accelerate their Salesforce career. 

Whether you are trying to get started or already on your journey, there is always more to learn, more certifications to gain, more products to skill up in throughout your life. Learning doesn’t stop at school so success is about creating a new habit and enjoyment for life-long learning that goes way beyond bagging the first admin certification.

We designed the Supermums courses to create a structured learning journey with peers that would provide guidance, accountability and structure to motivate people to learn so people don’t get lost along the way and feel isolated. Any participant on our Admin, Consultancy and Marketing Cloud Training Courses also benefit from our Accelerate your Career Coaching Course which helps to stimulate motivation through sharing coahcing tools and strategies to improve your performance with yourself and others. Here is a summary of our motivational strategy.

If you are struggling to get motivated think about joining one of our training or coaching courses.

Below we have shared some strategies that our trainees rely on to trigger motivational behaviours:

Setting Boundaries

Create a time and space to learn – make it a routine with a regular time in your diary to do study and appreciating the value, confidence and buzz you get when it’s completed.

Create a Plan

If you write down what you want to learn or have been given a curriculum to learn with specific days and times you are more likely to look forward and commit to this time. If you have a carved out a plan for what you intend to study and when so you have a clear intention and focus. Our students really like our study schedules that tells them exactly what to do each week.

Create Accountability

Trainees sign to our course as they value the weekly accountability when a mentor has to review their weekly schedule of homework. The trick is to maintain this momentum beyond the initial training course by either seeking a new accountability partner or embedding new behaviours as the norm.

Foster Peer Support

To maintain momentum post training courses, our Supermums team members and alumni have teamed up as study buddies and meet weekly to study for new certifications.

Being Present

If you aren’t very good at self-study and easily get distracted, you might prefer showing up at live in person or virtual events to learn something. We arranged the Coaching sessions every 2 weeks to help people focus in on their learning and help them to accelerate their career. Make sure you have 100% attention.

Accepting Recognition 

Some trainees just love securing new trailhead points, badges and certifications and are proud to show them off! It can be real buzz to share on social media and get lots of likes from your followers. This can spur you on and encourage others to feel motivated too. 

What is the Reward

What is your motivation for completing the learning and how are going to reward yourself? Depending on the size of goal will it be a latte, a new dress, a spa day, a new job, a greater salary, more holidays, a new house? If you don’t achieve it, what will be the punishment! Be strict with yourself 🙂

Final Thoughts

Learning something new can be difficult. In the rush of initial excitement, it is easy to be motivated to learn; but over time, that initial excitement can recede and you need to find other ways to motivate yourself.

We hope these 7 tips will help to make sure when you have gone through the initial enthusiasm and learning more becomes difficult, you have the means to get motivated to continue your journey and expand your Salesforce knowledge.

Our Supermums Coaching Course is proudly sponsored by slalom to instill confidence and motivation in our trainees.

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Written By:

Heather Black
Heather is a certified NLP Coach and founder of a Salesforce Consultancy and Supermums Recruitment and Training. With an extensive background in speaking, coaching training and employability support, she is passionate about empowering people with the right skills, attributes and knowledge to be successful in their career.

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