How to Create the Perfect Salesforce User Adoption Training Strategy

By Jennifer Wood

November 8, 2021
4 min read

Delivering Salesforce training to end users isn’t just about throwing together a training manual, a couple of videos, delivering a 3hr training session and hoping for the best. This is likely to end up with low adoption issues!

Instead, to refine and work towards a perfect training strategy you need to take into consideration….

  • Different people’s learning styles
  • Different peoples’ motivations
  • Different mediums and approaches..

This is the content we teach on the Supermums Salesforce Coaching course and Salesforce Consultancy Skills course to help Salesforce professionals enhance their emotional intelligence/communication skills alongside technical skills – I would say they are 50/50 equally important when delivering a Salesforce project.

The success of a Salesforce implementation often lies in supporting people to engage with the process and system, rather than the technical skills of building a system.

Supermums CEO & Founder, Heather Black, had the pleasure of talking recently about this topic with David Giller on his latest podcast. This episode covers several topics, including:

Learning Styles and Motivation

We need to approach training in a way that encompasses different Learning Styles to motivate people and deliver digestible content in the right way for their preferred approach.

Learning styles can be referenced as the VARK model – Visual, Auditory, Read/Write (AD), Kinesthetic.

Can you work out your learning style? Quite often we can be a combo. Here is an example to help you work out which learning style/s you might be.

EXAMPLE: If you are putting together a DIY furniture what do you like to do?

  • Watch a video – AUDITORY
  • Reading manual/instructions – AD
  • Follow the pictures – VISUAL
  • Just have a go without reading anything – KINESTHETIC

There is also a free learning style test here to discover your style.

When you are motiving people to learn you firstly need to address ‘WHY are they going to listen to this’?

Typically people with different learning styles need to be motivated in a different way and you should kick off any training agenda addressing the ‘WHY’ – to grab attention. You need to think about covering all of the following points:

  • Visual – they want to see what it’s all about with a demo or taster videos
  • Auditory – they want to know what is going to happen and when
  • AD (Read/Write) – they need to know why they are doing this and what’s in it for them – facts/figures
  • Kinesthetic – they want to get stuck in and hear and see examples of others using it.

When you are delivering training you need to think about HOW are you going to deliver in a range of mediums?

  • For A/D types you need to prepare your training manual as they prepare texts and reading.
  • For Visual types they prefer pictures, videos, live training sessions, slides.
  • For Auditory they prefer live training, verbal instruction, videos, etc.
  • For Kinesthetic you are best to use user scripts for people to run through the system themselves. 

We teach our trainees to communicate and deliver on a holistic training strategy that will give the best chance of adoption and to use their coaching tools and techniques.

Coaching tools is a great addition to your CV!

If you want to learn more learning styles and adding coaching tools and techniques to your Salesforce skill set then check out Salesforce Career Coaching Course from Supermums.

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Our first Supermum in the Philippines, Chonna, is working in a Salesforce Administrator role at SalesFix, a Salesforce Consulting Partner.

Thanks to their great experience with Supermums, SalesFix are now supporting our launch in Australia and NewZealand.

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Written By:

Jennifer Wood
Jennifer's role is to look after global marketing, PR, events and all things social media. She also look's after the Supermums Brand Ambassadors to help grow and share the love of Supermums.

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