FormAssembly: Sponsoring the growth of our community

By Abigail Julian

July 22, 2019
3 min read

We are pleased to kick of the week by announcing our latest Bronze sponsor!

We are delighted to be working with FormAssembly to develop our work with the Supermums community, so that we can offer more opportunities for our Supermums and dads to engage with each other online and in person. 

Form Assembly Logo

FormAssembly fully integrates with Salesforce and enables you to create streamlined and dynamic forms to make collecting and managing data easy and efficient.  Ashley McAlpin, Director of Marketing at FormAssembly says:

“FormAssembly is excited to be able to support Supermums. Not only is the mission something that we are passionate about from a culture perspective, but the team is a wonderful partner of ours and a strong advocate for our mission to enable customers to be good stewards of the data entrusted to them. We think that together we can engage a powerful workforce of people who are innovative in the way they streamline processes and data.”  

The importance of community

When you are a parent juggling lots of responsibilities, as well as trying to pursue your own career ambitions, it’s important to surround yourself with positive, supportive people.  We are creating a community of mums (and dads) who have recognised the great opportunities for flexible, well paid work that the Salesforce ecosystem has to offer. Whether you are just starting out or on your way to CTA, Supermums will be there to encourage, motivate and link you up with like minded people facing similar challenges.

We are a diverse and growing community and we will be expanding our reach through online and in person events.

Supermums online

Twitter is a great place to keep up to date on the latest Salesforce ohana happenings, get tips and advice when you are stuck on a tricky problem, or in need on inspiration and advice from Salesforce gurus! Get started by following us @SFSupermums.

As well as all the official @salesforce and @trailhead, we have some great twitter friends and recommend you get started by following: @formassembly @heatherjBlack, @VickiHenry63 @salesforceBen, @ChrisieMarshall @ArchLadies @SFSocietyMag

If you join our Facebook group you can share questions with Supermums past and present, get updates on the job opportunities our recruitment team are hiring for, as well as information on Supermums events.

Supermums – in real life!

The Supermums Team works remotely and many of our trainees and graduates are spread across the globe, so we rely on forging a sense of community day to day online.  However, sometimes there’s nothing better than a face to face chat over a cuppa (or something stronger)!

It was fantastic to put names to faces at Salesforce World Tour earlier this year and we will be creating more opportunities for Supermums to meet up, with each other and the wider Salesforce Ohana and women in technology community. We will be holding an in person careers event in September too, so do make sure you join our online communities to keep up to date on news.

We look forward to working with FormAssembly to bring you more opportunities to engage with the Supermums community soon!


Written By:

Abigail Julian

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