Follow the steps to success

This week we are talking about achieving success with two different strategies.

The first is about understanding how to be successful, the second is about putting in place your goals to achieve it.

So let’s first explore how to be successful?

You need to understand and define what success looks like by identifying your role model(s) who are successful and copying their approach.

Last week we launched our new Accelerate your Success Coaching programme with our trainees to power their success in the salesforce world. We discussed the NLP approach to behavioural modelling. Sounds intriguing you say! It is, but it’s very simple.

If we aspire to achieve success like someone else then we need to model ourselves on them.

  • To do this, we need to understand their approach and model of the world
  • Their values, skills, behaviour, attitude etc
  • You need to be find out more about their model – to research, question and listen to learn about how they achieve success
  • You need to step into their shoes to feel and see how they achieve success
  • You need to apply their successful model and pass it forward onto someone else

Once you have figured out what you need to do, then you can set your goals to achieve success. Listen to my last podcast in Series 1 of Mums on Cloud Nine, to learn how to set your goals and create a plan to move forward. Tune in here.

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