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Inspiring Supermums through social media

Do you work in the Salesforce ecosystem? Could you inspire our Supermums through social media? You might just be able to help! We are asking individuals to volunteer their time by creating a 5 minute video about their job role in the Salesforce ecosystem.  Why? We want to inspire mums and their families about the […]

The Secret is Out – Mums can find flexible well-paid careers!  

Heather Black and her children

Heather and her team are helping Mums to be Superheroes at work, as well as at home. Two years ago, Heather sat with her youngest daughter on her knee and decided it was a secret she needed to share with other mums. You could look after a baby, enjoy a meaningful career and live by the sea in […]

What type of Salesforce Role would suit you? – Part 2

Within this article, we look at the different type of job roles that exist in Salesforce eco-system. In Part 1 we explored the type of companies that exist and the roles they may offer.   Within some companies, the Salesforce roles described below may be combined or they operate independently.  Project Manager   A project manager is an expert in planning, maintaining accountability and managing resources […]

Returning to Work: Jo Matthews – A Day in the Life of a Supermum

Have you been out of work for a while looking after little ones and thinking about returning to work? Don’t worry, about a quarter of our trainees are in your shoes. Jo Matthews: A Day in the Life of a Supermum Jo Matthews tells her story about how she returned to work and got back […]

What type of Salesforce role would suit you? Part 1  

What type of Salesforce role would suit you? – Part 1   Within this first article we look at the different type of Salesforce employers and the type of work they may offer.  Gain Diversity with Consultancy Roles   If you are someone who enjoys diversity, new challenges, learning new things, working under time and budget pressure, […]

Your first Salesforce Certification: Why stop there?

Brilliant – you’ve achieved your first Salesforce Certification. Why stop there? We’re certain you’ll have got the Salesforce bug by now. The learning (and earning) opportunities are seemingly endless with Salesforce. Whether you’re looking to specialise (think Pardot or Marketing Cloud) or broaden your Admin repertoire (did I hear you say Advanced Admin?) there is […]