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School’s out for summer

School’s out and August is a time we at Supermums often take time to be with friends and family We started with the Supermums Team meet up, a mix of business and pleasure as the team met down in a (windy) Hastings for beach time, paddle boarding and camping. As our team is remote, we […]

12 Books Every Woman in Tech Should Read

We asked members of the Salesforce Ohana to share books that have made a difference in their own lives that they think our Supermums, and every woman in tech, should read. Here’s our top picks – we hope they inform and inspire you in your life and career! 1 – Own It by Sallie Krawchek […]

11 Ways to Become a Strong and Successful Woman in the Salesforce Eco-System

To celebrate International Women’s Day I wanted to share some key ingredients which I feel help women to be strong and successful in their life and work. Many of these aspects you will already know about and appreciate, but we often forget to deploy them in our life as we are too busy or tired. […]

Plan your well-being goals for 2019!

As we look forward to the new year, Jolie Wilkinson, an experienced fitness and wellbeing adviser, provides our Supermums with guidance on how to plan their goals for the year ahead! Jolie is leading the well-being sessions on our exclusive Supermums Retreat in February and has worked for leading corporate brands to advise employees on mental […]

Supermums Retreat: Give yourself a chance to be the best you

Give yourself the chance to be the best you We’re always talking about work/life balance here at Supermums HQ and taking time for yourself is an important part of life. Let’s all be honest here, we’re usually riddled with Mum-guilt over something we have or haven’t done for our children, but taking some time out […]

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