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Supermums and the Trailhead team

Community is a fundamental part of Salesforce and lives online through social media and the Trailblazer communities and in real life via meet ups and community groups.  Getting involved in the community will enable you to not only network and make friends but often will also provide practical ideas, help and solutions when you need them most.

Dreamforce is the ultimate community gathering and a great place to connect with Trailblazers from all over the globe. The highlight of Supermums’ trip to Dreamforce was the opportunity to meet so many new and long time supporters in real life. For two of us this was our first time at Dreamforce, and San Francisco, yet we couldn’t walk across the street without bumping into a familiar face…and usually taking a selfie! If you don’t follow these people on Twitter already, see their handles included here and start interacting with the community now…

Trailblazer and success communities

The Trailblazer community can be found on success.salesforce.com. This is a hugely useful and should be your first stop for Salesforce related questions. Take look around, join some groups and participate yourself – you get what you give! Here’s a beginners guide…

HELP – You can view Help documentation. This should be one of the first places you go if you get stuck or want to learn about a new functionality.

ANSWERS – If you can’t find your answer there, look under Answers. This space has questions from thousands of other Salesforce users and plenty of answers from knowledgeable Salesforce professionals. If you can’t find the question your looking for, post it yourself! If you have that particular question, more than likely somebody else will be thinking of it too.

IDEAS – One of the things that makes Salesforce stand out from other companies is how seriously they take customer and user feedback. For that reason, the ideas section is your go-to place to have your voice be heard. You can post an idea and either upvote or downvote ideas from others. During each release, Salesforce will choose a few of the top ideas to be included.

GROUPS – We’ll take a deep dive into groups in ‘G’ week, but groups are a great place to chat with people who share your same interests, whether it is around a product, your area, meet-ups, etc. There is so much more, but don’t take our word for it. Explore for yourself!

Supermums Community

The Supermums community is a group of our current Supermums trainees, Supermums alumni, volunteer mentors & trainers, and partners. We are all about giving back and empowering mums into the Salesforce eco-system (and those well-paid and flexible careers we’ve heard so much about). Interested in joining? There are a few ways you can get involved.

Join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

If you are a trainee or previous trainee you should also have access to our Supermums Trailblazer alumni community at success.salesforce.com. If you haven’t already, request to join in now!

Are you a Supermums trainee, volunteer or partner interested in writing a guest post on our Supermums blog? Reach out to Abigail Julian at abigail@supermums.org.

Communities as a Product

Communities are one of the many products that Salesforce has to offer and that you can create for your users.

Think of the last time that you went to a website and saw some FAQ articles around the product you just bought. Or maybe you had an issue and logged a case? Or simply submitted a Contact Us form for a representative to reach out to you. Chances are, if they are using Salesforce, you were on a Community built on Community Cloud. If you joined a Supermums course in autumn 2018, you’ll be using the Supermums Community.

It’s a place where you can project your Salesforce information to external users and allow them to input data back in. You can brand a community with your logo, colors and tailor it to your design and needs. Pretty cool, huh? If you’re feeling impressed right now, then maybe you want to specialize and become a certified Community Cloud Consultant.

Want to be more involved in our community? We are open for applications to our Admin, Platform Developer and Consultancy Courses. Find out more HERE

We also need more volunteer mentors to support trainees with their learning. Sign up HERE.

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