A is for Architect

Pyramid showing the certification journey to architect

In part 2 of our ABC’s of Salesforce we’re sticking with A again, because we didn’t want you to miss this important topic…

When you are learning about Salesforce, you will soon realise that the word ‘Architect’ is whispered in hushed and reverent tones. Well maybe we are exaggerating, but it does inspire a certain degree of respect and appreciation. Here we find out more about the architect role and how you can get there.

What is an architect?

An architect is a career path that you can choose within the Salesforce ecosystem (or world). It involves a high level of understanding around the technical side of the Salesforce platform. While the admin path focuses on what you can do with the declarative side of the platform, i.e. with ‘clicks-not-code’, an architect will be able to expand that functionality using code to customize the platform to meet almost any need.

How do you become an architect?

An architect is a series of certifications. There are a few different types of architects – Solution Architect, Application Architect and the ultimate CTA. Each of the Solution and Application Architect accreditations are earned upon completing all of the required exams along each path. Some examples are the Platform Developer I and II exams focusing in on the coding side of Salesforce, as well as the Designer exams. The Designer exams are meant to show a high level of understanding around a certain topic, such as the Security & Sharing Designer exam that, you guessed it, focuses on security and sharing. They do come at a higher price tag, but are worth it if you’re going down the architect route. 

Jumping ahead to ‘C’… what is a CTA?

A CTA is a Certified Technical Architect. This is the cream of the crop in the Salesforce world. It involves gaining both the Solution and Application Architect accreditions, as well as creating a solution and presenting it in front of a board to gain the final and greatly sought-after Certified Salesforce Architect certification. There are only 240 CTA’s in the world, which goes to show just how hard it is to pass the board review.

 If you’re interested in becoming an architect yourself, start with Supermums Platform Developer I course to help you get over the first stepping stone and then look up our good friends, Ladies Be Architects, for additional guidance and mentor support during your Architect journey. 

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