7 Ways to Back Up and Restore Data in Salesforce

This month we are talking about the importance of data integrity with a range of great educational articles and events. Within our latest CPD article we explore the 7 ways you can handle the back up and restoring of data in Salesforce.

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So why is Data Back Up so important?

Data back up is not automatically done in Salesforce! Due to this, it has to be managed correctly because any of the following data integrity issues could occur on your watch….and as a Salesforce Admin, you need to know how to fix them:

  • Data can get deleted by accident or on purpose
  • A data import could overwrite a load of records by mistake
  • The field may have been changed and values overwritten.
  • A problemetic integration has auto-updated thousands of records by mistake

The SaaS Shared Responsibility Model dictates that the onus of data protection at the customer’s end solely rests with the customer. It is basic security due diligence for us to take ownership of the protection of our own Salesforce data.

Our partner CloudAlly have handily compiled all the native Salesforce data backup and recovery options to restore both Salesforce data and metadata. In this toolkit, they detail seven ways to backup and restore Salesforce data, both native and third-party. They have covered options for Salesforce data recovery such as Data Loader, Reports, Data Export, as well as options for metadata recovery. It covers:

  • Basics of Salesforce Data Loss: What, Where, Why?
  • Native Salesforce Data Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Salesforce Deleted Objects Bin
  • Salesforce Data Export
  • Salesforce Data Loader App
  • Salesforce Reports
  • Native Salesforce Metadata Backup and Recovery Options
  • Paid Salesforce Backup and Recovery for Metadata AND Data including Salesforce’s paid Data Recovery service and the newly introduced Backup and Restore solution.
  • Disadvantages of Native Salesforce Backup and Recovery
  • Third-Party Salesforce Backup and Recovery for Metadata AND Data

Read on: The Ultimate Salesforce Data Recovery Toolkit

We hope it helps you during the stressful moments of data loss that a Salesforce admin has to face.

CloudAlly Backup pioneered cloud-to-cloud backup way back in 2011, recognizing the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of unsecured SaaS data.

They have a robust, secure, and proven suite of backup solutions for Salesforce, Micorosft 365, Google Workspace, Box, and Dropbox that have been consistently top-rated by Capterra, Gartner, and Newsweek. Their Salesforce Backup solution provides automated and on-demand backup of all Salesforce data, metadata, and Chatter feeds with unlimited Amazon AWS S3 storage.

The unique features include zero-install web-based console, granular metadata restore, Sandbox seeding, Salesforce data comparison, Salesforce anomaly detection, Salesforce export to your own storage, cross-user/org restore, smart recovery by keyword search, Updated By and Record ID, and more.

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