What is Service Cloud?

What is Service Cloud

Join Brooke and Abigail this time to take a look around Service Cloud. Gain an insight into what you’ll be working with should you decide to join us to gain you Administrator Certification.

Brooke is Supermums Training Manager based in Las Vegas. She delivers our Administrator Training in the USA time zone so it’s a good opportunity for you to get to know her and get a preview of what our training entails. Service Cloud is one of Salesforce’s core products; it enables customer service teams to manage and resolve cases efficiently, giving them all the tools and information the need in one place.   Brooke gives you a brief tour of its function and capabilities, so you’ll see what you’ll be working with if you decided to train for your Administrator Certification. Abigail took the Supermums course herself and earned her certification in October, so talks you through what it is like, details of current courses and the career opportunities it can offer.

Check out the recording below although keep an eye on our social media channels @SupermumsGlobal for all the upcoming events and further webinars.

[ux_video url=”https://youtu.be/vZMi2G56Kvw”]
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