S1 E7 – Business women in the technology industry

Series 1
Epsiode 7
46 Mins

In this episode we will meet Victoria Peppiatt, co-founder and CEO of Phrasee, a marketing technology company that empowers brands with AI powered copywriting to meet marketing performance and revenue. She shares her advice with the next generation of female entrepreneurs about her journey and how she juggles kids and life. She’d love to inspire more women to think about starting their own business off the back of the talk today.

Episode Highlights

  • {0:37} Introduction to Victoria Peppiatt
  • {3:17} How does AI powered copywriting work
  • {10:29} Being a co-founder of a tech firm
  • {16:02} How she grew the company and created the culture
  • {31:56} Victoria’s best advice

This podcast is sponsored by RB, in partnership with Enfa.

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