S4, E1 – The Power of Sharing Knowledge

Series 4
Epsiode 1
22 Mins

In this week’s episode of Mums on Cloud Nine, we’re talking about about knowledge with Salesforce Ben CEO & Founder, Ben McCarthy.

Power is knowledge but it’s no good to keep what you know to yourself. Learn about the power of sharing and how it can help you career and relationships.

Episode Highlights

  • {1:24} Introduction to Ben McCarthy
  • {2:24} Why Ben set up his blog to share knowledge
  • {5:40} Ben’s new book about setting up a consultancy
  • {10:08} Other ways to share knowledge successfully
  • {16:06} What a Salesforce MVP is
  • {17:54} How building a personal brand can improve your career opportunities
  • {19:04} Popular content themes

This podcast is sponsored by RB, in partnership with Enfa.

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