Our highlights from Consultancy Dreamin’

Supermums were proud to support, sponsor and be a part of the first Consultancy Dreamin’ on 8th July.  If you missed it….here’s the low down:

There are so many Salesforce conferences, training programmes and workshops out there….but none specifically focused on Consultants so it was great to see so many amazing sponsors, speakers and volunteers getting involved.

With 5 tracts – careers, skills, experience, solutions and trailblazers – each was tailored around how to understand more about the world of Salesforce consultants no matter the industry or sector, what skills are needed and how they can benefit you in any role, shared stories around journeys and changing sectors and how the various products can help you or your business grow to become the best consultant, whether that be as an employee, contractor or freelance.

Alongside the sessions was the opportunity to network with each other (think speed dating style), the marketplace with the sponsors and their virtual booths so you could learn more about them, watch videos, interact with them and most importantly, enter their competitions to win some great prizes…..and lastly was the fantastic Demo Jam. We’ve all been to Demo Jam’s before but this was definitely a firm favourite, especially when it involved a special appearance from Darth Vada, songs from Moana, mini dentists chairs and lots of talk about croissants & baguettes! If you missed it, you can watch it again here.

With all of the amazing content, here are a few of our favourite quotes:

  • “It’s really cool even as someone that has been in the ecosystem for a while to pick up a clutch of new tips 🙂 Loving the Ohana!” – Paul Harris
  • “Great content, well-curated sessions! Speed-Networking! A great knowledge-enriching event altogether!” – Akleish Sharma
  • “I thought Vanessa Grant and Paul Harris sessions were excellent – I’m looking forward to the recordings becoming available to catch up on some other sessions I unfortunately missed! Thanks to everyone involved for putting on such a great event.” – Sheridan Kidd
  • “Consultancy Dreamin’ made me feel so inspired and energized! Thank you all for your time and effort ! It was great!
    Ashley Allen‘ session had a great impact on me. The way she fighted the status quo and she is living the life she always wanted is simply amazing!” – Ana Marie Crasi
  • “Great sessions but also some really good in-depth discussion in the Experience Q&A’s with @rlvanessagrant@514Alastair and @iangotts talking about personal branding and carving your niche as a consultant within the eco-system.” – Yvonne Small
  • “Ryan Reynolds makes gin? Still have to catch up on a lot, but I would have to say @SalesforceBen ‘s keynote on all the considerations for starting a consultancy mixed with @meganhiman ‘s on how to be a profitable consultant were both eye-opening. SO many great tips!” – Vicki Moritz-Henry
  • “My top takeaway is how exciting it is to be a part of the Salesforce ohana! The future is bright and there are many paths to a successful and fulfilling career in the ecosystem”
  • “Consulting is can be tough, at any size company you are likely to wear many different hats, but it’s also highly rewarding to help clients get to where they need to be.” – Keir Bowden
  • “It was an awesome day! So many sessions, I have only watched a handful and I have a list left to go! My favourite session was by Ashley Allen, absolutely amazing! “Don’t be so lost in the past that you aren’t able to appreciate the present” – Emma Keeling

Ones to watch

This is a tough one as there were so many great sessions, so many take aways and top tips but these are ones you should definitely tune into….and save the others so you can go back and watch them so you don’t miss out!

  • Experience Tract – How to fake it and make it in your first Salesforce Business Analyst role – Vanessa Grant
  • Experience Tract – 10 things you might not expect form being a Consultant – Paul Harris
  • Solutions Tract – The road to being a Marketing Cloud Consultant – Guilda, Ivanna, Ekaterina & Vicki
  • Solutions Tract – Simple Business Process Mapping – Ian Gotts (think Ryan Reynolds and shots of gin)
  • Careers Tract – How to deal with burnout — Amy Oplinger, Melinda Smith & Stuart Edeal
  • Careers Tract – Be a profitable Salesforce Consultant – Megan Himan
  • Trailblazer Tract – These are all a must! With 4 very different stories, from being a trailblazer, switching from the USA military to Salesforce, surviving being a non-profit during covid and how to turn your life around from at risk child to being a CEO, they are all inspiring, motivational and worth a watch!
  • Skills Tract – How to consult for Non-Profits – Heather Black (we had to include this one with Supermums CEO)
  • Skills Tract – A huge shout out to Francis Pindar who’s session on ‘The key one pagers every consultant should use’ was great BUT his presenting skills….it was like watching a masterclass in how to present! FYI he said he uses Camtasia and also Premiere to create all of those cool effects.
  • Keynotes – These are only short but packed full of amazing gems of advice from those in the ecosystem that we all recognise. Check them all out and don’t forget to keep your notepad handy during Heather’s closing remarks with takeaway tips and advice to help achieve your goals.

Did you miss the event but want to get access to all of the amazing sessions?

You will be able to buy access to all of this on demand content for only £20. We’ll share details ASAP so you can get in on the action!

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