NEW Salesforce Admin Exam – What’s different?

So, it’s June 2021, and you’re about ready to sit the Salesforce Admin exam. Well done! But have you heard the news that the content is changing on June 23?

We’re here for you!

In fact, better than that, we’ve compared the previous exam guide to the newer version and have put together a handy table to show the similarities and differences. You’ll be pleased to know that lots has remained the same. Take a glance across each line of the table and you’ll mostly see the same objectives.

There are some changes though. In summary, the exam has been reorganised from 12 sections (with 34 objectives) to 7 sections (with 26 objectives). Salesforce says that the exam sections and objectives were modified to more closely reflect today’s Administrator job role and the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform.

So what has been made more explicit or has a specific mention now?

– Global actions
– Lightning App Builder
– Setup Audit Trail
– Login Hours
– Session Settings
– Lead Scoring
– Einstein Opportunity Scoring
– Home Page Assistant
– Automation has expanded to include Flow and references automation more broadly

So all the exam prep you’ve already done is absolutely worth it and will definitely help you pass! But you will want to spend time on the topics above too.

Don’t take our word for it though. Look through the detailed changes here, get up to speed on the updates, and go pass that exam.

We’re rooting for you!

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