How to accelerate your career in Salesforce webinar series

By Abigail Julian

October 29, 2019
2 min read

Join us for a series of careers webinars with Heather Black, founder & CEO of Supermums Training and Recruitment. Whether you are starting out or have already been working in the sector a while it’s definitely worth a listen.

At Supermums we place talent into a wide range of Salesforce roles via our Recruitment arm. As an agency, we not only find you a job but we equip you with coaching and knowledge to help you accelerate your career and tackle the barriers that prevent you climbing the career ladder. This ‘How to…’ series of webinars are led by Heather Black, an experienced career coach and founder of a Salesforce Consultancy. Based on her combined experience she shares how you can sell yourself better and get the rewarding, well paid and flexible career you want.

How to…stand out at CV and Interview

There are some quick wins you have in your CV and Interviews, that I don’t see in CV’s typically. Understand what employers and consultants are looking for in a CV and interview to show your value and pay market value salary . Get top tips on how to make your CV stand out and present your skills and experience in a way that clearly demonstrates your value.

How to…develop Salesforce Consultancy skills

In this session Heather will share how to build consultancy skills on top of your Admin Certification and deploy them in a consultancy or end -customer role. Increase your confidence in designing solutions and delivering outcomes that meet the needs of clients. Plus find out about our new new Consultancy Skills course, sponsored by Dyson.

How to…raise your profile in the Salesforce industry

Do you enjoy helping others, sharing knowledge or aspire to become the go to person in your organisation? Do you want to achieve ‘MVP’ status and strive for one of those coveted ‘Golden Hoodies’? Get top tips on how to get involved in the community, raise your profile and gain presence in industry media if you want to. Heather who was awarded the Golden Hoodie at London World Tour 2019 will share her experience and those of other sector celebs.


Written By:

Abigail Julian

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