Land a Salesforce Job – Join our Challenge

By Heather Black

May 28, 2024
2 min read

Are you looking for a Salesforce Job?

Are you wanting to increase your salary?
Would you benefit from extra motivation, training, support and guidance to find that job?

Securing a job role or landing a promotion requires a commitment to lifelong learning to give you an edge in the job market.

Here are 5 things we recommend you focus on over the next 2-3 years to boost your career progression and earning potential.

  • Secure 5+ Certifications to land a promotion and increase your salary
  • Carve out your niche and become a product specialist that companies want to hire
  • Train with an Authorised Salesforce Training Provider to stand out in the crowd
  • Be confident at interviews and in performance meetings with career coaching
  • Become an expert in third party apps to broaden your skills and product knowledge

Salesforce Job Salaries – What is your Career Track?

How to land your Salesforce Job with Supermums

Let Supermums help you every step of the way with our NEW membership package!

  • With our Land a Salesforce Job Challenge you will be set targets and activities to do every week to find that perfect job for you! Whether it’s your first job or a promotion. Weekly activities will range from making connections on LinkedIn, to reaching out to companies to contacting Recruiters, to securing your next Cert! We will keep you focussed on the steps to secure the end prize.
  • Join our Fortnightly Goal Setting Groups to get guidance, discuss, plan and report back on your training and job search goals and achievements
  • Join our Fortnightly Coaching Sessions to benefit from confidence building exercises to boost your self-esteem and stand out at interview.
  • Join our on-demand training courses to upskill and get more skills and certifications on your CV quickly to get it noticed!

We invite you to become a Founder Member by the 30th May and to join our first study group session on the 4th June!

Download the full Membership Pack Here to see what’s included!

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Written By:

Heather Black
Heather is the founder of Supermums Recruitment and Training. With an extensive background in Salesforce Consultancy, Career Coaching and Training she is passionate about empowering people with the right skills, attributes and knowledge to be successful in their career.

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