Know how to lead people through a digital transformation

Stepping into a Salesforce role requires leadership and change management skills as you have to lead people through a digital transformation.

Whether you are Salesforce Admin, Business Analyst, Salesforce Consultant, Project Manager or Sales Rep you have to help navigate people on a journey through change. You have to engage, enthuse and educate people to love Salesforce.

To achieve this you have to gain their trust, to understand their needs and to paint a clear vision to get them excited about their future world of work.

So let’s first consider your leadership style?

Listen to my interview with Kathleen Bryars this week on our Mums on Cloud Nine podcast show. She shares her top tips about how to understand your personal leadership style and play to your strengths and needs. Tune in here.

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Second, let’s look at change management skills.

Change management skills give you the context to understand how people react to change and how to support them on this journey. It’s an extremely insightful and intelligent approach to empowering people.

Here are our 4 top tips for leading people through change:

  • Get clear on the pain points, motivations and goals for the organisation and the individuals involved
  • Understand emotional intelligence and consider your approach when supporting motivating people through change.
  • Identify the culture of the organisation and adapt your consultancy style accordingly
  • Apply different learning methods to the way you facilitate workshops and training sessions to accommodate different learning styles of visual, kinetic, audio and audio-digital.

Third, let’s look at how you can upskill. 

Nathasha trained as a Salesforce Administrator and was operating as a freelance Salesforce Consultant. She decided to join our Consultancy Skills Programme to upskill in professional Business Analysis, Project Management and Change Management Skills to boost her credibility and skills to manage digital transformation projects. Listen to her story here.

“The Salesforce Consultancy Programme has given me a greater knowledge of the theory that backs up a consultancy practice – from agile methodology to change management – but also practical terminology, documentation, and processes to use, especially in the early days of working with these new clients. Despite the fact that the calls with Heather and the course participants took place in the evening, I looked forward to them as a useful sounding board to address issues I was facing with current projects and also to reflect on issues from my past work.”

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One of the key skill sets for managing change are Coaching Tools. If you are keen to learn some Coaching Skills to power your confidence and implementations, then sign to our free Masterclasses in July. Find out more here

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