How to Land your First Salesforce Job

By Heather Black

July 3, 2023
7 min read

Find out how to Launch your Salesforce Career in 5 Steps with our latest content series over the next 5 weeks. In each blog we cover the four key factors that will help you to make the right decisions to accelerate your Salesforce Career. From choosing which Salesforce Admin Training is right for you, how to benefit from working with a Salesforce mentor, how to secure work experience and how to land your first job role. 

How to Land your First Salesforce Job

At Supermums we support mums (and dads) to carve out a new career in the Salesforce eco-system and we recommend the following top 7 tips as part of our learning journey:

1 – Build your Confidence and Believe in Yourself 

If confidence is your biggest barrier then we suggest that work with a career coach and/or mentor to help you build your confidence and overcome imposter syndrome. Get clear on what you can offer in this new career, what your power skills and attributes are, and practice, practice, practice. Work out what you feel you are missing and plug it. Check out the following things on the check list.

2 – Demonstrate Hands On Salesforce Experience 

Demonstrating hands on experience could be through building out a Demo Org, in a Dev Org through practical exercises or undertaking real-like work experience. Alongside building out the demo architecture, it’s a great idea to build a script and add in some customer data so you can talk through the customer scenario and make the story come to life. Even record it using video. You want to be able to evidence that you have hands-on experience through a demo, case studies, references or videos of your work. 

3 – Sell your Transferrable Skills 

Some of the most important transferrable skills relate to people not the technology. Implementing a CRM is about engaging and supporting people on a journey of change. It’s important to big up your ‘people’ skills as it’s what every employer is looking for – coaching, sales, marketing, communication, team work, management, leadership skills, project management, business improvement skills. 

4 – Sell your Industry Experience

Salesforce CRM is popular amongst certain industry verticals, for example finance, retail, media, tele-comms, health, non-profits and more, plus cross sector disciplines such as marketing and sales. Therefore customers/consultancies are looking to hire Salesforce professionals with the relevant industry experience as they already understand the lingo, the KPI’s, the challenges. If you are starting out it’s a great idea to start in an industry/discipline that is familiar to you as you can sell yourself in on your knowledge.

5 – Secure References to verify your work 

We would highly recommend getting a mentor or supervisor – someone who can validate your newly found skills authentically ready for your interviews. Ideally a mentor will see you build a practical demo org or real-life project and can testify that you can deliver the admin competencies independently. It’s the reason we provide 3 references to Supermums on our Admin training course from their 1-2-1 mentor, work experience supervisor and training manager who can verify the completion of work. Ask for references on your LinkedIn profile so any recruiters can see them straight away.

6- Go beyond the admin Cert to stand out in the crowd 

Once you’ve passed your Admin Cert, it’s relatively easy to progress and secure your App Builder and Advanced Admin Certs as some of the content overlaps and some of the other content new but essential for a Salesforce Admin role.. Don’t delay just get the the hat trick.

You can also add Consultancy Skills to your Bow. Consultancy Skills include Business Analysis, Agile Project Management and Change Management, and would be deemed essential skills for any solo Admin or Salesforce Consultant role. These skills can also help you increase your confidence and land a higher salary (up to 10k more) from the get-go. Margaret, a SupermumConsultancy Skills Course Alumni, found learning these skills amazing for building her confidence and landing her first role. Listen to her story below and learn more about our Consultancy Skills Course.

7 – Find a job in the Salesforce ecosystem

There are many great ways to start or change your career in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Many Salesforce jobs are managed via Recruitment Agencies and working with a dedicated recruitment consultant can be a great way to land your first job. This is because they can mentor and support you to pitch yourself in the best way for free. They can help you prepare your CV , update your Linked In profile and prep you for interview, and we have seen first hand the difference this makes when candidates are presented to employers by a recruiter vs independently.

Recruiters are great at selling you into a customer so you don’t have to sell yourself initially. Alternatively you could search and go direct via Jobs Boards, LinkedIn Jobs Ads or research and approach companies directly. If you identify and approach companies directly with a tailored covering letter it shows you are really interested in working for them.

Reach out to the Supermums Recruitment Team if you are looking for work Visit

At Supermums we provide trainees with career coaching and employability support to land their first job. Here is what our trainees say:

“When I was looking for my role after Camp Simcha, I sat with the Supermums Recruitment Team, and they really helped me clean up my resume. I then decided to send it out to a whole bunch of companies and see what happens. With this company, I didn’t think I would get a call back because the role required two years’ experience, but all the specifications were ones that I had a lot of experience in due to my work experience, so I applied anyway.  It took them a month to get back to me, and it was quite a long interview process, but I got hired, even without the two years!”


“During the transition in my move back to England, I was in touch with the Supermums Recruitment team and they were absolutely phenomenal in searching for roles and letting me know if anything was available that they thought was particularly suited to my skill level. I got my first contract role within a few months of returning to the UK and I’m now on a new contract role through Supermums as well.“


“Working with the Supermums Recruitment Team was great as the team already knew what roles I would be interested in and could put me forward for them. They secured me consultancy contracts, and through these, I was able to carry out different parts of the job which gave me the exposure I needed to understand where I would like to go, and where my skills were valuable.“


“Wow, the community at Supermums is super inspiring from the leadership, mentors, fellow trainees and beyond. I have felt very supported with the tools and resources to move into a Salesforce role. For example, how to craft a technical resume after a career pause”


The Supermums Admin Course

At Supermums we deliver a Salesforce Admin Course that offers the following structure which might suit you:

  • Weekly Timetable of Activities to Complete equating to 16hrs 
  • Live 2.5-3hr Virtual Training Sessions with a Certified Instructor using the Authorised Content 
  • Practical Homework Tasks supported by a one to one mentor for 1-2hrs a week 
  • Certification Study Group Sessions 
  • Peer Motivation and Support from a Peer Cohort of Learners 
  • Practical Work Experience 
  • Fortnightly Career Coaching and Employment Readiness Support

The biggest reason people choose Supermums is the structure, quality and level of accountability and motivation it provides. It has received an average score of 4.7 of our 5, by trainees. 


Written By:

Heather Black
Heather is the founder of Supermums Recruitment and Training. With an extensive background in Salesforce Consultancy, Career Coaching and Training she is passionate about empowering people with the right skills, attributes and knowledge to be successful in their career.

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