How to Conduct a Salesforce Org Health Check (with a free download to help)

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By Heather Black

April 17, 2022
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If you find yourself inheriting an existing Salesforce system, you first need to find out what the business needs, how well the system is liked and is being used through a series of audits, also known as a Health Check. 

During our Consultancy Skills Course we deliver a session on how to conduct a Health Check on an existing Salesforce Org. We also provide a handy range of BA scripts, tools and templates in this course and we are giving you a sample of our Health Check Template as a free download. 

Check out a summary of the Health Check below and don’t forget grab your free Health Check Download at the end of this article.

How to Conduct a Health Check on your Salesforce Org

1 – Complete an Initial Business Analysis Consultation

Initially you want to understand the nature of organisation and the original objectives and motivations for implementing the CRM. You will also want to establish the progress towards these goals and the perceived challenges and successes to date to establish priorities for this Health Check Review. 

You will need to conduct a business analysis exercise with the Executive Sponsorship team and with different departments to understand their services, current business priorities, current drivers and motivations for using the CRM. 

2 – Product and User Adoption Review 

During this stage you want to complete a technical audit of the system, undertaking an audit relating to user adoption. You first need to ask and understand the criteria for good user adoption and then do your checks and balances by installing a user adoption dashboard, if there isn’t one set up. 

Next you’ll need to assess which Salesforce products they are using with a detailed review of which features they are using for each product. This helps you to assess if they are really making the most of the product features, if they are aware of them of all and whether they could gleam more value from adopting more features. 

3 – System Governance and Management Review

It’s often useful to talk through what a great governance framework looks like with the client and to check what they already have in place. For example, do they have a Centre of Excellence, a Salesforce Champion Group, a Salesforce Technical team and who is responsible for delivering on the four roles / 40 tasks of an Awesome Admin to manage the system?

As part of the system appraisal, you would want to mobilise a number of reports including the Optimizer Report, Security Health Check Report, NPSP Health Check Report and Error Handling.

4 – Data Governance and Management Review

To start with you need to understand what data is valuable for the organisation for business objectives, for example how does the organisation use data to drive decisions, market activities and serve customers? Once you know which data fields are important, you can then conduct an audit on the quality of data within these fields.

You can also install a data quality app from the app exchange and a duplicate management tool. Once you have reviewed the quality of data you can then make recommendations for improving the management of data integrity in the future and a plan for cleansing any data as needed. 

Download Your Free Health Check Template

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Heather Black
Heather is a certified NLP Coach and founder of a Salesforce Consultancy and Supermums Recruitment and Training. With an extensive background in speaking, coaching training and employability support, she is passionate about empowering people with the right skills, attributes and knowledge to be successful in their career.

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