Celebrating our first Marketing Cloud Graduates

It’s been a year in the making but our first Marketing Cloud Course has just produced its first set of graduates! Hurrah!

We got together with Accenture a year ago and hatched a plan to launch a Marketing Cloud Course for Supermums In EMEA. It has been an exciting journey and after pitching the proposition to numerous salesforce partners and 120+ Marketing Cloud AEs at Salesforce, we were overwhelmed by the positive response that there was indeed a demand and need to nurture new Marketing Cloud talent. What better way to fill it than with mums and dads who are marketing professionals.

In our usual style, we decided to make it happen!

Trailhead Academy loved our idea and supported the Supermums to become an official partner to deliver their Marketing Cloud Content. We encouraged them to flex their rules to make the course completely virtual and flexible over 14 week period to make it accessible for parents too so thank you!

Vicki, our Head of Training, is now a qualified instructor and our overall programme includes content for:

  • Essentials for Marketing Cloud Email Marketers
  • Marketing Cloud Connect Essentials
  • Journey Builder
  • Social Studio
  • Advertising Studio

Graduates complete their Email Specialist Certification and the new Marketing Admin Certs. Once qualified the Supermums Recruitment Team supports them to launch their careers working with consultancies, salesforce customers, salesforce employees and other recruitment agencies we partner with.


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Whilst they are waiting to land their first job, SAMA consultancy, a specialist Marketing Cloud Consultancy have partnered with Supermums to offer valuable unpaid work experience to our first cohort of trainees with the opportunity to add further experience and reference onto their cv.

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Quote from the CEO of SAMA, Daher Nemri:

“SAMA is able to offer the trainees a great opportunity to combine the technical knowledge they’ve acquired in the Supermums training with their industry experience in a real life business scenario on Marketing Cloud with the guidance and the support of a Marketing Cloud architect.”

Our trainees have range of skills with great professional experience in marketing and consultancy. Drop hazel@supermumsconsulting.com an email if you would like to engage with our talent.

If you are looking to upskill in Marketing Cloud, download our info pack for more details.



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