Why is our Marketing Cloud course different to others out there?

Are you looking to enhance your CV by expanding your marketing knowledge and adding marketing automation to your skill set?

Right now, there’s a digital skills gap. A report by leading marketing platform, Smart Insights, found that 9 out of 10 marketers feel that they are under skilled.

That sounds really high, doesn’t it? Why?

While fundamental marketing principles have remained the same, the tools in the digital marketer’s toolbox are constantly evolving and the one taking the industry by storm is Marketing Cloud. While the solution may seem obvious – train existing staff and hire skilled professionals – it can be difficult to identify which technical skills are most essential for a modern digital marketer to possess.

If you want to turn your skills gap into an opportunity and supercharge your digital marketing, here are 5 reasons why our Salesforce Marketing Cloud course is different to other courses available:

  • 3 courses for the price of 1 – Our course content combines knowledge from what is usually a couple of separate courses saving you over £500, using materials provided by Trailhead Academy for the MCC201 course. This includes Marketing Cloud Connect and Journey Builder.
  • 2 week access to a trial org – Thanks to our partnership with Trailhead Academy, you get you two weeks ‘Trial Org’ (which is just like a dev org for Marketing Cloud) access to complete workshop exercises wrapped up with a ‘capstone project’ giving you the opportunity to put your learning to the test in a demo environment. Towards the end of the course we also run exam preparation sessions to make sure you’re ready to succeed and get certified! (and we have half price vouchers available for when you are ready to take your exam)
  • Demand outstripping supply – Marketing cloud one of the most sought after skills in the industry at present. By adding this qualification to your CV and marketing automation to your skill set, you are likely to stand out more at interview, demand a higher rate as a contractor or consultant and future proofing your marketing career.
  • Mini Pardot course – We get asked a lot about Pardot so new for 2021 we are adding a mini Pardot course onto the end of our Marketing Cloud course so you have some knowledge and experience to bolster your marketing toolkit when looking for a new role or securing your position in your existing company. This is a saving of over £200.
  • There is no other like for like courses currently out there – The course will prepare trainees for Marketing Cloud email specialist and Marketing Cloud Administrator. Supermums offers a holistic approach including virtual training sessions, office hours, access to a like minded community and you also get access for 12 months to our Coaching Skills course included which saves you an additional £360.

We asked: What digital skills do you feel you are lacking as a marketer? 40% of marketers feel they are lacking marketing automation skills and 33% feel that they need to improve CX and UX

Source: Supermums Survey, Jan 2021

This platform has so many possibilities with the objective of putting the customer at the centre of every interaction and experience. Trying to manage how and when a customer interacts with a brand can be complicated but Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you tailor make content for customers across multiple channels such as email, online, mobile, e-commerce, social and communities, and report back in real time.

If you want to find out more, download our Marketing Cloud course information pack. 

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