Top tips to make your CV stand out

By Jennifer Wood

May 9, 2021
4 min read

Studies have shown that on average recruiters spend just seven seconds looking at a CV before deciding whether a candidate is suitable for the role. First impressions are therefore critical to success, so this week we’re talking about simple and effective ways that you can make your CV stand out from the crowd and make it to the interview stage. We’re not leaving you there though. This week’s podcast shares tips on how to smash an interview and land that job too.

Creating the perfect CV can be quite time-consuming, but it is your opportunity to show off your accomplishments and skills to the employer. The more you study the job description and the industry, the better equipped you will be to make your CV stand out. We hope you find these CV tips useful and good luck in your job search!

(Don’t forget that Supermums have a Recruitment Team who can help you to find your perfect role)

In this weeks podcast, Ben shares advice on how to make your CV stand out, how to attract recruiters and top tips on how to prepare for interview success.  Ben founded Salesforce recruitment agency, Talent Hub, in Australia.

Listen to the new podcast.

Supermums launched in 2016 to upskill mums in Salesforce to help tackle the Digital Skills Gap and it accidentally went global as the demand for virtual digital skills training transcended geographical boundaries.

Its been estimated that women’s jobs are 1.8 times more vulnerable in this crisis than men’s jobs in the pandemic whilst the digital skills gap is accelerating. Salesforce alone estimate that they will create 9.3m jobs by 2026 and we need to think about how to fill them.

At Supermums our mission is to the spread the word and educate parents who have no idea about what Salesforce is or the career opportunities that exist. This takes time and trust to give people the confidence to take a leap of faith into a new career. We provide a 5 day career challenge to give them all of the information they need to learn more about what could be in store for them.

Thank You for Your Support

We are delighted to have a number of businesses backing our marketing campaign to attract more women into the sector, but we still need more sponsors from across our regions.

Contact if you want to get involved in our campaign and help to address the digital skills gap.

Thanks to the following businesses for helping us spreading the word with sponsorship support:

Alongside our marketing partners we also privileged to work with a wide range of businesses and charities who support internships, work with our recruitment team and sponsor continuing professional development of certified trainees.

If you know a parent you might be interested in a Salesforce Career share this link with them. ‘What a Salesforce Career

If you already work in the Salesforce sector, get involved as a Sponsor, Work Experience Partner, Employer or Volunteer here.


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Jennifer Wood
Jennifer's role is to look after global Marketing, Communications, Events and all things Social Media to help spread the word of Supermums far and wide!

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