S4, E4 – How to stand out at interview

Series 4
Epsiode 4
33 Mins

In this week’s episode of Mums on Cloud Nine, we’re talking to Ben Duncombe, Director of Talent Hub. We’re discussing how to make your CV stand out to recruiters and to successfully land your job.

Ben founded a Salesforce recruitment agency in Australia and also runs his own podcast show Talent Hub Talk, which Heather has had the pleasure of being a guest on.

Episode Highlights

  • {2:00} Where to start searching for jobs
  • {5:34} How to make your profile stand out to recruiters
  • {8:10} How to make the best use of a recruiter to make sure you’re front of mind for them when a job comes up
  • {11:05} How to use LinkedIn effectively when looking for a job
  • {16:21} Top tips to prepare your CV and get prepared for an interview
  • {21:23} Questions to ask as a candidate at interview
  • {28:23} Getting a job with little paid experience

This podcast is sponsored by RB, in partnership with Enfa.

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