Supermums Salesforce Mentor of the Year Award

By Jennifer Wood

February 13, 2024
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Our Salesforce Volunteer Mentors are such a valued contribution to the Supermums programme. The mentors meet with our Salesforce Admin Course and Marketing Cloud Course Trainees every week for 1-2hrs during their training journey to support their learning, verify their skills, boost their confidence, introduce them to the Salesforce Ohana, and much more. They can also provide a reference for our trainees to help them secure their first job opportunity. Find out more about being a volunteer mentor

We have over 150 mentors from all the world participating in the virtual training programme, many of whom work at companies where they can commit their volunteer time to giving back and the 1% pledge. Some mentors have mentored over 10 trainees in their life time and continue to give back. We are so grateful for their involvement and the value they bring.

We have many volunteers from companies such as Salesforce, Salesforce and CapGemini that run employee engagement programmes and we are delighted to have this level of corporate partnership. Find out more about a Corporate Partnership with Supermums.

We are delighted to celebrate the contribution and efforts of mentors by announcing the Supermums Salesforce ‘Mentor of the Year’ nominations’. These nominations have been submitted by our trainees and on Tuesday 13th February we announced the winner…….

Mentor of the Year 2024 WINNER:

Mentor of the Year 2024 Nominations include:

  • Abbey Harmon
  • Adrianna Blazek
  • Alex Rejstrand
  • Alisa Cliff
  • Andrew Cook
  • Bram den Uijl
  • Cat Mayfield
  • Claire Jones
  • Claudia Blüsse
  • Dan Donin
  • Debbie Nevin
  • Deborah Hayden Waters
  • Elisa Williams
  • Emily Duncan
  • Hindy Fishman
  • Jun Liu
  • Kamaljeet Matharu
  • Ken Steinman
  • Kim Davis
  • Kothai Sengodan
  • Lee Ephrati
  • Lexi Carino
  • Lilit Sargsyan
  • Mark Faley
  • Martin Humpolec
  • Maxwell Tuglo
  • Nathaniel Sombu
  • Patrick Youngs
  • Paula De Amicis
  • Richard Ivan
  • Sarah Grover
  • Srividya Vellanki
  • Tejal Agrawal
  • Terry Chan
  • Trish Dongo
  • Trudi Threadgold

What are Salesforce Trainees say…

The mentor was one of the reasons I signed up to Supermums, otherwise I would have been scared to fail. He was there every week for our call, and it was important for me because I built my homework around our discussions. The mentors instantly know what’s wrong, which step you’ve missed. Supermums are very good at putting you in the position of a consultant: they don’t give you all the answers – just enough for you to know what to do.”

Erika, Mum of 2 from France, living in UK

“The reason I always vouch for the Supermums program is because of the support I got, the confidence that my mentor instilled in me, and the kind of assignments I did prepared me very well. When I started my job there was nothing I didn’t know how to do or know how to figure out. I had been doing much of it in my Supermums program already. My mentor had valuable experience and as she reviewed my coursework, she shared tips and tricks about how to do things faster and more effectively. I was able to do exceptionally well at my work.“ Donna, USA

“I found the mentorship immensely useful. We set up weekly meetings and I’d go through anything I was stuck on. Having that mentor there as a support network, to help you understand what you’re learning was really helpful. That’s one of the best things about the program.”

Kully, Mum of 2, UK

‘I started off by trying to learn Salesforce on my own through Trailhead. However after a while I realised I needed more than just Trailhead to get me certified in Salesforce, and that’s when I discovered Supermums. Supermums offered accountability where I most needed it – having to  meet deadlines and have someone keep me on track. But it wasn’t just that; Supermums offered moral support from this really powerful cohort of women, who were there so just help each other as much as possible. After taking a career break for 15 years, confidence is a huge element of upskilling into a new career, and the Supermums community are there every step of the way in bolstering your confidence.’

Melanie, USA,

Could you help support Salesforce trainees?

We’ve heard from our mentors that they get just as much out of becoming a mentor as they put into it – if not more! If you have 2+ years of practical experience you can either mentor our Admin trainees for 1-2hrs a week for six months or you can mentor on our Marketing Cloud Course for 1-2hrs a week over 8 weeks.


Written By:

Jennifer Wood
Jennifer's role is to look after global Marketing, Communications, Events and all things Social Media to help spread the word of Supermums far and wide!

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