London’s Calling 2021 – Supermums Highlights

By Abigail Julian

March 23, 2021
3 min read

London’s Calling is the largest community-lead (or ‘Dreamin’) event in EMEA. This year the organisers proved that virtual events with plenty of great content, opportunities to network and fun challenges are indeed possible. London’s Calling is now on it’s ninth consecutive year and did not disappoint!

Vicki, our 9x certified Head of Training, loved the support & engagement of those who attended her session on “From Stuck to Certified: Top 10 Tips to Pass Your Salesforce Exam”. Taking an exam can be nerve-wracking, but with plenty of advice from creating flash card decks to using box-breathing techniques on exam day, we’re sure we’ll be seeing even more people celebrating their new certifications soon.

Notes from Our Alumni

Once a Supermum, always a Supermum. 

Our trainees & alumni show an amazing drive and motivation to continue their learning. For London’s Calling, we were able to recreate the community atmosphere keeping the conversation going on our alumni Slack channel. Here’s what our alumni had to say: 

Debbie: “This has been my first London’s Calling and I am blown away. It’s been fantastic and so much to learn – my brain hurts. I will definitely have to watch sessions again and catch up on those I missed. Brilliant speakers and knowledge. Really interesting on how much flows can do and how much we can do as admins without code. Still so much to learn though.”

Silvia: “Oh many takeaways! I loved learning about the role of the Enterprise Architect that Gemma presented and how many different kinds of architects role there are now in the Salesforce ecosystem. Louise Lockie’s presentation refreshed key concepts about “less profiles more permission sets”. Steve Molis’s presentation on what you can do with “just” a checkbox and a simple formula was outstanding.”

Divya: “This has also been my first London’s Calling. One interesting thing I learnt was from Connie Hezendonk on how you can have a TrackID as a hidden field when loading huge amounts of data. It can be so helpful to track when it was uploaded, but also much easier if you ever want to go back and delete all those records. How to use scheduled-triggered flows and record-triggered flows and how this can solve so many different issues for admins without using code was super useful. I liked how themes and branding (by Christine Marshall – Supermums mentor extraordinaire) can really encourage user adoption, especially if you have different products with different branding but all users are using the same Salesforce Org.”

Abigail: “My main take away was less from one individual session, but more about remembering the value of making time to go to events and meet ups.  Heather has a theory about the ‘4 Roles of an Awesome Admin’ and it’s easy to get caught up with being the’ guardian, doctor and housekeeper’ and forget to be a ‘leader’. To innovate and not just think of the day to day issues in front of you but allow time to look at the bigger picture and how there might be features and tools at your disposal that you’ve never even considered using. Events like this remind you of the possibilities and give valuable insights into what others are doing that can inspire you to do more! #mondaymotivation”

Were you inspired to either start your own Salesforce journey or take your skills to the next level? 

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Written By:

Abigail Julian

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