Invest in the Supermums Mission

Are you interested in investing in Supermums? 

We are looking to harness the power of the Salesforce community to help invest in new talent.

With the increasing growth and awareness of Supermums, we are looking for seed-investors to participate in a crowd-funding campaign to invest in the development of the Supermums Recruitment Service. We want to help place more talent into the eco-system to achieve our social mission. If you can’t invest personally then think about volunteering, hiring our talent or sponsor us.

This is a call out to the #salesforce community to identify potential individual investors who would be interested in participating in a crowdfunding campaign and to invest a contribution from £250 to £10,000 in return for equity. If there is sufficient interest from this pre-launch campaign we will proceed with a full campaign.

Our vision is for Supermums to be a community benefiting business, set up with the sole purpose of supporting mums into flexible well-paid careers whilst creating new talent for the salesforce eco-system. To achieve our mission we need your help, but in return you will secure a % equity stake in the business. 

Please find a summary of our story to date: 

About the Model: As a social enterprise, we aim to be commercial sustainable through trading whilst achieving social impact. There are two legal entities. Our non-profit arm – Supermums Training Community Interest Company focuses on upskilling mums (and a few dads) in a range of salesforce skills so they can successfully progress into salesforce roles. The non-profit arm is currently funded through sponsorship, trainee fees and in-kind support. 

To increase our income and sustain our social mission we have set up a commercial Recruitment Consultancy, which places talent into salesforce roles.  It has been established as a commercial entity as we can only access private investment to develop and grow this service. We are establishing a typical Recruitment Model but we will be proceeding with a proof of concept for an online recruitment platform built on the salesforce platform to support profitability and global outreach.

Based on the commercial success of the Recruitment Service, a % of the profit will be gifted to the non-profit arm each year to support bursaries for disadvantaged groups and to invest in activities to further our social impact. 

Our Talent Base: Supermums Training is attracting talented women from across the world to upskill in a range of training courses: these include Salesforce Admin, Marketing Cloud, Platform 1 and Consultancy Skills. Our course sponsors include Deloitte Digital, Accenture, Validity, Dyson and St James Wealth Management. Our Courses are delivered virtually and we now have participants from across EMEA, USA and Australia. 

Our Placements: As a Recruitment Consultancy we place Salesforce Talent, including our Supermum Graduates into a whole range of roles. To date we have placed talent into roles including Project Management, Business Analysis, Technical, Sales, Customer Success and Marketing with end-customers, ISV’s and Consultancy Partners. To date we have made over 30 placements with a 30+% success placement rate.

Our Mission: Supermums is focussed on increasing the number of women in tech, championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, supporting women returners to secure flexible well-paid roles, and closing the gender equality gap. We want to help to increase talent within the salesforce eco-system and address skill-shortages within the tech industry by upskilling talented individuals. 

Our Achievements: Over the last 3 years we have focussed on establishing and sustaining the Training side of the business, and we have now secured over 200 trainees across our courses from 9 countries with 5 sponsors. Courses are being delivered across the EMEA and USA time zones, and a Australia planned for next year. 85% of our graduates have progress into employment within 3 months.

During this time we have tested the ability to succeed at the Recruitment side. We feel confident to grow the Recruitment service due our growth in numbers and our ability to engage with companies to support their diversity and inclusion agenda.  Over the last few months we have been engaging with salesforce consultancies and corporates and have been progressing on to their PSL’s which takes time to establish. 

The need for Investment:  We are are looking to secure £100k to invest in working capital to increase the capacity of our Recruitment sales and delivery team and to develop a sound business proposal and proto-type for a second stage investment round for the Online Recruitment Platform.

Our current business plan for the first stage of growth will be shared with potential investors via a crowd-funding website. 

If you are interested in being a potential investor then please register below and we can let you know if we have sufficient interest to progress this route and provide further information.

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