School’s out for summer

School’s out and August is a time we at Supermums often take time to be with friends and family

We started with the Supermums Team meet up, a mix of business and pleasure as the team met down in a (windy) Hastings for beach time, paddle boarding and camping. As our team is remote, we don’t often have the opportunity for get togethers, so this is an important part of building relationships and getting to know each other.

We also take time out to be with our families at this time of year. Flexible working means the team can manage the summer holiday childcare juggle a little more easily and flex hours as needed – this looks different for everyone.

For Founder and MD Heather, this has meant getting back to her home town of Hastings in time to spend the evening on the beach with the kids. For Head of Training, Vicki, who lives in France, remote working and flexing hours across half days enabled her to visit family and enjoy the French countryside in the afternoons.

“For me, the mix of remote working and flexible hours means that my family and I get the best of both worlds. I was able to bring my family to London with me to sight-see with my husband and two girls in the evening while getting some face-time in with the team and Salesforce in the morning. Afterwards, we disconnected for a bit in Brittany before heading down to visit family in the south of France – relaxed, refreshed and with renewed energy to launch into our upcoming courses and cohorts. Now that I’ve worked remotely for the past 9 years, I couldn’t imagine life any other way.”

We find flexible working really works for us, however taking time away is important too and enables us to come back to work with renewed motivation and enthusiasm. Heather says:

“Having a well-paid career, for me, is about being able to flex my days during the holiday, save up for nice holidays with my family and to pay for my kids education in a few years’ time. It’s important we all take time to relax and reflect; I always come back from holidays with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation, with new ideas and perspectives for any challenges we are encountering.”

So whether you are spending time at home with the family or jetting off to warner climbs we hope all our Supermums have time to rest and recharge a little.

After all, along with the kids, many will be getting back to learning in the autumn with our courses kicking off in September, October and November. If the summer holiday childcare has been a struggle this year, join them and sign up for one of our courses now…

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