20 questions to ask when doing a Salesforce Payment or E-commerce Integration

This month part of our CPD programme we are upskilling Salesforce professionals in the world of integrated payment and e-commerce solutions.

If you are considering integrating Salesforce with an e-commerce solution, there a whole series of questions you should ask as a Business Analyst to help appraise the right solution for you. This set of a questions is an example BA script and one of the many we share as part of the Supermums Consultancy Skills Course

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We have partnered with Linvio to talk through best practice tips and approaches to payment integrations and give a practical demonstration of their great e-commerce solution that might be a suitable product for your brand.

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Here are some of the types of questions to ask:

Detail of Services

  • What type of activities will you be taking payment for online and who are your customers – individuals or organisations?
  • Volume – Please indicate Number and £ value of transactions per month/year now and in the future.
  • Are they one off or recurring payments?

Existing systems

  • Do you have any current and/or preferred online/card processing payment tools?
  • If applicable – Reason for changing – what are the current limitations?
  • What do you expect your future email base to grow to in one year, and five years?

Features of the Tool

  • What features do you need the payment tools to have?
    • Eg: Online forms for taking information
    • Automated receipts
    • Take payments over the phone
    • Ability to do refunds

Mapping with Salesforce

  • What data do you want to collect in Salesforce during the payment process?

List all fields of data that need to be mapped over into Salesforce and how they should interact with existing data in Salesforce to prevent duplicates.

Current v Preferred Processes for Payment Integration

  • Please detail the current v future process for payment integration?

Please outline what currently works and doesn’t work (particularly admin intensive activities and related time) of the current process and please outline what would be the preferred process. Please include hyperlinks to all forms.

Payment Tools/Payment Gateways Tools Review

  • Are there any tools that you are particularly interested in/reviewed already?
  • If applicable, what do you like/not like about them.


  • Do you have a budget for implementation/management costs?
  • Do you have a % margin you are willing to pay per transaction?

Payment Receipt Options

  • What payment receiving options do you require?

Links to Financial System

  • Will the payments be linked into a financial management system?
  • Evaluation, reporting, monitoring capabilities
  • What are your key performance indicators?
  • What reports and dashboards will you require?

Measures of Success

  • What would success look like?


  • How many people will be using the payment integration tool(s) or data collected by the tools and what level of admin?

We are delighted to be working with Linvio to showcase one of the options on the market – check out their engagement in our programme here in a message from their CEO.

From September, Linvio will be partnering with Supermums to launch their new Supermums CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Programme! But instead of merely delivering a single presentation in our one-month spotlight, they have designed a 12-month course that will teach and train program participants in payment integration and Linvio. 

Every Tuesday at 1pm PST/9pm BST they will be hosting a new webinar series! The current schedule is as follows:

  • Month 1: Introduction to Linvio – Who We Are and What Our Goals Are For This Program
  • Month 2: Linvio Overview & Why Linvio
  • Month 3: Selecting an AppExchange Solution – Creating a Business Use Case, Selling Stakeholders, and Championing the Solution
  • Month 4: Linvio Commerce
  • Month 5: Get to Know the LMA and Learn Customer Support Best Practices for ISV Partners
  • Month 6: Troubleshooting for Admins
  • Month 7: Exciting Topic to be Revealed in September
  • Month 8: Linvio Events
  • Month 9: Building a Digital Experience with Linvio Bolts
  • Month 10a: Project Challenge Introduction and Linvio Product Installation
  • Month 10b: Office Hours for the Project and Product Installations
  • Month 11: Peer Review Break-out Sessions
  • Month 12: Demo Jam & Recap

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Dreamforce Wrap Up Session

As part of the Supermums community, we host monthly Alumni events and spotlight sessions. This months focus was on Dreamforce! If you missed it, tune in as the Supermums team share their favourite sessions, tips and actions from Salesforce’s ultimate annual event.

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