10 Things You Should Do Before The End Of The Year

By Jennifer Wood

December 8, 2023
6 min read

Ok, so we know it’s only December, not January, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit back, reflect on your year so far and make a list of all the things you want to achieve before 2024 rolls in.

You don’t have to add anything else to an already busy lifestyle or get yourself stressed BUT it’s to get you thinking about all those goals you’ve daydreamed about, all the things that you could do easier / simpler and to take a moment to pat yourself on the back for all of those great things that you have achieved….and yes, if you are a parent of a newborn, just getting out of bed and getting dressed classes as a huge achievement for the day! Find those quick wins to keep you inspired and make plans for those that might take a little longer, but are worth it when you’ve done it. 

1 – Schedule Some Time For Self Care

This is number 1 because it seriously NEEDS to be a major priority for you.  You don’t need to book in a day at the spa to enjoy some self care. Have a think about simple things you love to do, and do more of them – it’s that easy. Remember, you need to recharge your batteries too.

2 – Write A Gratitude List

A year can be quite a long time, and a lot can happen, so taking a few moments to be grateful reminds you of all the amazing things that have happened that day, week or month.

It can be as detailed or as simple as you’d like. Write down words, use pictures, whatever works for you, even if it only take s a couple of minutes. 

3 – Create A List Of All The Things You’ve Achieved This Year

This one is definitely easier to do as you go along. It’s like trying to update your CV when you’ve not looked at it for years, you can’t remember all of those things that you achieved, big or small, as you didn’t write them down as you go along.

These don’t have to things like getting a new job, getting engaged / married, having a baby, buying a new house etc, they could be small things like you managed to pay your bills a week earlier, you weren’t late for your appointments that week, you made time to work out / meditate, or you simply remembered to call a friend you’ve been thinking about for some time.

We should celebrate our wins, both big and small, because every win is important.

4 – Declutter At Least One Area Of Your Home

So you don’t need to throw everything out but we all know that a tidy house / office / desk creates a tidy mind so why not try and just focus on one area of your home or life.

You will be amazed at how much better you feel and how refreshing (and therapeutic) it can be.

5 – Get Your Finances In Order

YAWN. I know this one is boring but it’s always good to to know where you are, how that saving pot is doing and how you are managing your outgoings. Could you save money by switching supermarkets, energy providers or banks? Every little bit adds up and everyone wants more money in their pocket to do more things they love!

6 – Start Thinking About Your Goals For Next Year 

While it’s good to reflect on the year that’s passed, it’s even better to look towards the year that is coming!

Instead of just winging it, take some time to actually set your goals for the next year.

What is it you want to achieve? Where do you want to be a year from now? How do you want to feel? What do you want to learn? Are there places you want to visit? People you want to meet? Jobs you want or businesses you want to create?

Whatever it is you want, make some time now to set your goals for the next year. Write them out and keep them somewhere.

7 – Choose A ‘Word Of The Year’

This might sound odd but by choosing a word, or a phrase or saying that resonates with you, that you can say everyday, it can help you to stay on track, feel positive, strong and motivated.

What word could help you keep on track to achieve what you want this next year?

8 – Take Time To Create The Life You Dream About 

Have you ever actually taken the time to think about what your dream life looks like? 

When you start thinking about what your dream life looks like, you will naturally start making more choices that lead you towards that life… it won’t happen overnight but if you keep working towards it, and focusing on it, you will get there.

9 – Set Out An Action Plan For Your Goals

Don’t confuse your dreams with your goals. Your goals are specific things you want to achieve, but without an action plan they are useless. It’s all well and good to say that you want to earn x amount of money next year, but without a job, or a plan in place, it’s unlikely to actually happen.

Heather shared a podcast and blog with tips and advice on how to set your goals and create a plan. Check it out to get you started.

10 – Take That Course You’ve Been Thinking About!

We’ve all looked at something and thought “I’d like to learn that!” It could be knitting, beer making or gardening courses or even ones that are more focused on advancing or changing careers. If it’s the latter, you’ve come to the right place as Supermums can help you!

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Written By:

Jennifer Wood
Jennifer's role is to look after global Marketing, Communications, Events and all things Social Media to help spread the word of Supermums far and wide!

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