10 Pitfalls to Avoid at Salesforce Interviews

Supermums is delighted to be collaborating with Slalom to help accelerate people’s career in the Salesforce eco-system and avoid the pitfalls that are commonly made.

As a Christmas present the Salesforce ohana we are giving away our free 1hr “Boost Your Salesforce Career” masterclass and offering a 10% discount on our Career Coaching Course delivered by Supermums with input from Slalom to help you land your first job and promotion with confidence.

Join us and benefit from:

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  • Understanding how to communicate your value and sell yourself effectively at interview.
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  • Become part of an inspiring and powerful network of people accelerating their career.

Benefit from our free course to boost your chances of success and avoid many of the pitfalls we often see at Salesforce Interviews.

Here are the common ten mistakes we see:

1. Lack of Knowledge of Third Party Apps

Lack of knowledge of third party apps to enhance and extend the capabilities of Salesforce – solve this problem today by signing up to our free CPD programme which helps you learn about 12 valuable apps on-demand with free certifications and training programmes.

2. Not Demonstrating Your Competence

Inability to talk about the hours of formal or informal training and certifications you have completed to your demonstrate your competence, enthusiasm for life long learning and to benchmark you against others.

For example, our Supermums Admin trainees complete 320hrs+ of training and hands on experience on our admin course to build knowledge, skills and confidence to secure their cert and Job.

3. Lacking in Confidence

Avoid talking about what ‘we’ did and talk about what ‘you’ did as part of a salesforce implementation to demonstrate your capability within a team. Be confident in your contribution and role and create a demo to showcase your skills in practice.

4. Poor Communication Skills

Lack of communication and understanding about the business value that the technical features provided.

It’s important to talk about business analysis aspect and the ROI of the technical work you delivered. If you aren’t hot on business analysis then it’s a no1 skill to get on your CV – find out more – link to Consultancy Skills Course

5. Not Asking Questions

Not asking intelligent or constructive questions to the potential employer or client about their Salesforce project – for help check out our article – 20 questions to ask at a Salesforce Interview

6. Not Shouting about your Transferable Skills

Not packaging and talking about your transferable experience and skills from previous careers in a way that benefits and lends itself to the roles available in the salesforce sector. Take our Boost your Salesforce Course to package yourself as a great asset

7. Unclear on Career Goals or Aspirations

This can help both you and the employer understand if there is a good fit for both of you to support your progression and to see how motivated you are.

8. Not Preparing or Researching

Always do your research on the organisation which you are applying to and be prepared to explain why you are keen to join them. Look up case studies, company values and think about how they align to your personal values.

9. Not Preparing or Researching

So important this one got included twice!

Make sure you are clear on the role requirements and do some research on the company and your interviewer prior to your interview.

10. Don’t Use Too Much Jargon!

Be mindful of your audience and be prepared to explain the technical work you do in a way that a non-technical person can understand. This is especially important when thinking about a client facing role in consulting.

Celebrating Diversity

Are you passionate about demonstrating your commitment to creating a workforce which represents a diverse range of people?

As we close out the year, we wanted to share some of the work we’ve done since 2016 to help support anyone who wants to upskill, progress, and live a happy, flexible working life.

Read more to find out how we’re celebrating diversity at Supermums.

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