Volunteers are rock stars

It’s volunteers week, and while we are hugely grateful to our volunteers all year round, it seems timely to give them a special shout out this week. We have over 85 volunteers who are supporting the mission to empower our Supermums spread over three roles: mentoring, training and content development.

Our volunteer mentors support our Supermum trainees through their learning journey; encouraging, motivating and sharing their Salesforce skills. Trainers deliver excellent live webinars to share their expertise with our Supermum cohorts and the curriculum team is doing fantastic work helping us to develop new courses, such as the new Developer course and another for Pardot / Marketing Solutions.

Those of you who are part of the Salesforce community will already know that it is just that: a great community of people ready and willing to share their knowledge to benefit the wider ecosystem. Cyrill, one of our mentors and trainers sums it up nicely:

I feel it is important for us (Salesforce) to be involved as we are more than the sum or our products and this is an opportunity to hopefully make everyone feel part of our Ohana community. It’s simply a pleasure to work with the program, be that delivering a training or working one on one with some of our future Admin Rockstars.”

Our trainees come from a variety of backgrounds and for many retraining is a hugely exciting but sometimes daunting prospect. The guidance and encouragement of mentors is a critical factor in helping our Supermums achieve their potential and understand the opportunities for career progression that Salesforce skills can offer.

“Being able to pass on your knowledge to benefit someone else is truly rewarding. It is the epitome of the Salesforce community and why it stands head and shoulders above anything else.” – Laura, mentor

Abby, a Supermum graduate says: My mentor was great at trouble shooting when I was stuck on a task and explained things really well. She was generous with sharing her experiences and career progression and inspiring me see the world of opportunity that Salesforce knowledge could open up for me. Her passion for the product definitely rubbed off!”

Sharing your skills and knowledge is not only a rewarding endeavour it itself but you are actively contributing to the growth of the community and a pipeline of Salesforce talent. So a big THANK YOU from all of us!

If you would like to share your skills and contribute to growing the community we would love to hear from you:

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