Supermums World Tour – Find out how to be a Super Salesforce Professional

By Heather Black

July 2, 2023
7 min read

Members of the Supermums Team are excited to be on tour virtually and physically sharing expertise about how to be a Super Salesforce Professional by speaking at various Salesforce events around the globe. We love helping people to launch and accelerate their career within the eco-system with our Salesforce Training and Recruitment Services.

Heather Black, is the CEO of Supermums and an experienced Salesforce Consultant and Trainer. Starting out as a freelancer she then grew and managed a Salesforce Consultancy Team and has overseen over 700 projects with 350 clients. Her Consultancy won the EMEA Salesforce. Org Consultancy Partner of the Year Award. She spends her time educating and supporting students by teaching the Consultancy Skills Course.

She speaks on the following topics from her soon to be published ‘How to be a Super Salesforce Consultant – The A to Z Guide on How to Lead a Salesforce Project’ Book (details below), with downloadable take-away templates for listeners. The feedback has been so lovely from everyone!

  • The A to Z of How to Lead a Salesforce Project
  • The Four Roles of an Awesome Admin;
  • Building Consultancy Skills as an Admin,
  • How to be a Super Salesforce Consultant
  • How to undertake a Org Health Check, and
  • The Ambitious Women Mindset

Chelyn Briand is an active advocate for women in tech, a Dreamforce speaker, and a frequent speaker at Salesforce community conferences, She is the Customer Success Coach at Supermums. She shares insights on leveraging LinkedIn and Artificial Intelligence. Her tailored talks inspire individuals and organizations to harness the power of LinkedIn, ChatGPT, and AI Automation.

Upcoming topics include:

  • Unlocking Your Career Potential with ChatGPT: How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Job Search Process
  • When Your Career Outgrows the Hoodie and You Graduate to a (trail)Blazer 

Diane Willock is an experienced and qualified career coach and advocate for women in tech. She has spent nearly ten years coaching and advising others in effective job attainment and career growth strategies, specifically in the technology sector. She specializes in taking a personal approach to uncover the true potential, skills and motivations that can be a catalyst to career happiness and success.

As the Supermums Global Community Manager and Coach she enjoys boosting the confidence of women to achieve their dreams and ambitions. She is a passionate speaker on the following topics.

  • Taking charge of your job search and career growth
  • Ambitious Women Mindset
  • #ParentsFlexUp Career Plan
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

“What a fantastic presentation” “I found this presentation very insightful and interesting” ” The template is a great take away – thankyou”

Where have the travelled so far…

Over the last six months Heather and the team has already had the privilege of being a guest speaker at the following User Groups around the world, and they are looking forward to upcoming sessions over the next year. So far we have spoken at WIT Groups, in Denver, Maryland, Atlanta, Boston, Twin Cities, Chicago, Netherlands, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, Tampa Florida, Salt Lake City, as well as the Admin Groups in Buffalo, US, Baltimore, US and Birmingham US, Little Rock, Atlanta, Lowell.

Upcoming speaker sessions include:

  • Midwest Dreamin, 16th /18th August – Chelyn – Unlocking Your Career Potential with ChatGPT: How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Job Search Process
  • WITNESS Success, 18th/19th August – Chelyn – When Your Career Outgrows the Hoodie and You Graduate to a (trail)Blazer 
  • Mile High Dreamin, 30th/31st August – Chelyn – When Your Career Outgrows the Hoodie and You Graduate to a (trail)Blazer 
  • Dreamforce – 12-14th Sept -Trailblazer Theatre – Heather – Super Charge your Career with the A to Z of Leading a Salesforce Project
  • Admin User Group, Manchester, 28th September – Heather – Super Charge your Career with the A to Z of Leading a Salesforce Project
  • Diversity in Tech, Maryland, USA, 19th October – Heather – Super Charge your Career with the A to Z of Leading a Salesforce Project
  • Florida Dreamin, 22/24th October – Chelyn and Diane – Come and meet the Supermums team. Speaker slot TBC

Let us know if you are attending the Community Conferences or Dreamforce by clicking on the button below so we can email and invite you to the VIP parties, meetups and other special events to connect with other members of the Supermums community. We will also invite you to a whats app group to stay in touch.

Please contact if you would like to book any of the team for a speaker slot.

Check out Heather’s Upcoming Book

Supercharge your Career with this A to Z Guide on How to Lead a Salesforce Project

Join the VIP Waiting List

Heather is excited to sharing topics from her upcoming Book ‘How to be a Super Salesforce Consultant’ due to be published in November 23.

If you join the VIP Waiting List for the buying the Book you can benefit from the following special offers during the launch week:

Introduction to the Book

Would you like a structure and process for leading people through digital transformation on your Salesforce project from planning through to roll-out?

Do you want to know how to engage, enthuse and empower your stakeholders to maximise user adoption and return on investment?

If yes, then this book is for you. It provides a step-by-step process with handy tools and templates to enable you to lead your stakeholders from C-Suite through to front-line staff confidently through a project to ensue trust and assurance.

In this book I walk you through the project life cycle from A to Z with a focus how to connect with the people in the project. We cover:

  • The role of a Salesforce Consultant
  • The core consultancy skills
  • How to establish a team
  • How to evaluate the business need
  • How to communicate with stakeholders
  • How to prepare for roll out
  • How to embed the system
  • To evaluating project success
  • How to establish and accelerate your career  

Whether you hold the job title of Executive Sponsor, Salesforce Admin, Product Manager, Project Manager or Salesforce Consultant, you are likely to hold the responsibility for taking people on a journey of digital transformation.

Capacity to deploy this process isn’t about having years of technical experience, but rather it’s about the knowing and applying the methodologies of Business Analysis, Agile Project Management, Change Management in a considered way.

You can learn and apply these disciplines from day 1 of your Salesforce career to boost your credibility, experience, and capability. Being equipped with these skills will super charge your Salesforce career in terms of confidence, skills, knowledge, and salary.

I have witnessed first-hand how learning these principles has super charged an individual’s career opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem. I love seeing the success of the trainees who participate on the Supermums Consultancy Skills Course I deliver. Here are just some of the success stories…

  • Shenita relaunched her career as a Virtual Freelance Salesforce Consultant.
  • Margaret stood out at Interview with the skills and templates to land her first role.
  • Ben professionalised his skills and landed a promotion from Admin to Functional Architect.
  • Candy developed an implementation plan for her Product Manager Role.
  • Jennifer gained confidence in her new Salesforce Consultancy Role.
  • Julianne was able to ask the right questions to prospective clients in her Pre-Sales Role.
  • Sherrian was able to lead a Salesforce Project as a Solo Salesforce Admin.

It’s time to get focussed on your success. Avoid getting it wrong, by finding out how to get it right by reading this book in just 4hrs and accelerating your confidence and career!

Supermums is a Social Enterprise. All sales proceeds of the book will be reinvested in a bursary fund to support women who have suffered from domestic violence, to enrol on the Supermums Admin Course to relaunch their career and get their life back on track. 


Written By:

Heather Black
Heather is the founder of Supermums Recruitment and Training. With an extensive background in Salesforce Consultancy, Career Coaching and Training she is passionate about empowering people with the right skills, attributes and knowledge to be successful in their career.

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