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We are delighted to be working with other Salesforce Partners around the world to empower women into work. Now more than ever with unemployment at an all time high across the globe, we need to work together to provide avenues for people to upskill and retrain to secure a new, well-paid career. Would you like to join forces?

Our next Salesforce Admin course in the USA and EMEA starts in February and it includes trainees who have lost contracts, been made redundant, are on furlough or are looking for a new type of career that is more future-proof. We plan to launch our courses in ANZ in the early Autumn. Together we will equip learners with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in their career. Over 75% of our trainees secure job opportunities within three months, with great feedback from employers. We have seen our trainees successfully earn roles within Salesforce directly, Enterprise to SMB customers, Salesforce Partners and Non-Profits.

Supermums is very different to online training for the mass audiences. We offer small intimate cohorts that enables our trainees to get personalised in-depth experience and pastoral support with instructors, mentors, coaches, peer trainees and the employability team. Learning a skill in a training session is one thing, but applying it in practice is where the learning really begins. We support trainees throughout the entire learning journey from  theory to practical experience, studying for their exam to securing their first job.

“We are proud to partner with some of the best brands in the eco-system for training and work experience which is great for their CV’s. We couldn’t achieve our mission without the help of our partners to expand our work. All of the Partners listed above have invested in helping Supermums to sustain and grow our outreach, through either providing Sponsorship or Work Experience opportunities.

We are looking for new partners to help support more people into work across EMEA, USA and ANZ. We lost a couple of planned sponsors due to Covid-19 so we are keen to secure new sponsors to further our mission.” Heather Black, CEO of Supermums 

Supermums has a network of 1000 followers, and nearly 300 trainees across USA and EMEA and ANZ who are benefiting from our support. The sponsorship from partners allows us to reduce the cost of our courses, whilst making it a reasonable price for the value and content we provide, whilst our work experience partners provide valuable virtual work placements for our trainees.

We also have a large number of Salesforce Partners who work with us on Recruitment to hire super talent or help out with our Volunteering opportunities. Alongside Salesforce Partners, we are also delighted to have been sponsored by some amazing Salesforce customers – St James Wealth Management, RB and Dyson and other partners who have provided employment opportunities and Bursaries/Scholarships for disadvantaged trainees. This is an area we want to expand..

Our Partners are committed to championing Equality, Women in Tech and Women Returners. Working together we share best practice and thought leadership to improve this agenda amongst the Partner Eco-system with our Empower Women Leadership Event Series and our Mums on Cloud Nine podcast.

How to Partner with Supermums

Supermums is a social enterprise and we do not rely on donations or grants to sustain our services. We want to sustain our training programmes for the long term whilst keeping them as affordable as possible. To do that we need the support of Salesforce Partners and Businesses in the ecosystem to provide sponsorship, work placement, employment opportunities or in-kind volunteering. There are a number of opportunities to be involved and we’d love to discuss them with you.

Gold Course Sponsorship

Our Course sponsorship enables us to deliver great quality learning at a reasonable cost. Our courses are also so much more than just content to pass an exam – we provide a personalised experience with lots of useful additional content, work experience, mentoring, coaching and peer support to ensure trainees are confident and employable. Course sponsorship allows us to keep prices down and invest in relevant marketing activities to reach out and bring new talent into the market place.

We recruit sponsors for our Admin Course, Marketing Cloud and Consultancy courses in EMEA, USA and APAC. Unfortunately we lost a couple of potential sponsors due to Covid-19, so we do still have some opportunities for course sponsorship available. Interested? Contact or book a call now

Silver Community Sponsorship

Our mission is to empower more mums into tech careers by equipping them with Salesforce skills. We accidentally went international and we have already reached and trained people in UK, Germany, France, Spain, South Africa, USA, Canada, Dubai, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. We want to build our presence in these countries spread the word within new communities geographically and demographically. We want to mobilise local ambassadors, bring together our current trainees and also reach out to new mums and dads who might be interested by mobilising the Supermums team to secure speaker opportunities, PR, social media coverage.  Can you help us train up more talent in your area by sponsoring our local marketing efforts? Interested? Contact or book a call now

Bronze ISV Demo Jam Sponsorship

Supermums is equipping hundreds of parents with the skills they need to be successful admins, developers, consultants and marketeers, through our increasing portfolio of courses. We aim to equip trainees with not only Salesforce skills, but also an introduction to the other apps and product integrations they will come across throughout their career. Our yearly live, virtual Demo Jam gives you the opportunity to show off your product and compete to be crowned Supermums ISV champion. However you also get to share some more detailed video content that is included in our Administrator training. We’re all about preparing our trainees for work, so that includes training them on what the App Exchange is and how to make decisions on what will be the best solution for their org. Our trainees, alumni and volunteers all make loyal followers and end up using many apps they’ve heard about in our programme within their future roles. Interested? Contact or book a call now

Work Experience Partnership

We work with a range of salesforce partners across the globe for work experience projects.The partners get the chance to mentor and test out potential recruits, whilst also being able to offer non-profits and small businesses some pro-bono hours on their implementation packages. Our trainees get involved in admin development, training, demo builds and health checks that are considered pro-bono hours for the customer. Would you like to help non-profits and small businesses get more for their money, and concentrate their resources on more technical requirements or advanced build. Get in touch if you would like to become a work experience partner. Interested? Contact or book a call now

Recruiting Partner

Are you interested in hiring Supermums Talent? Our trainees have amazing professional experience and a wealth of knowledge to bring to your business alongside Salesforce experience. We are delighted to work with enterprise to small scale salesforce partners and customers to place talent. You can hire certified talent via our Recruitment team – please note Recruitment fees apply. Interested? Contact or book a call now

Learning Bursaries/Scholarships

There are two ways to contribute to a learning bursary/scholarship.

We have worked with charities who support individuals with disabilities, refugees, unemployed, single parents and sufferers of domestic violence. These charities have provided bursaries for their beneficiaries and we are looking for companies to help scale up this model by offering a number of bursaries so we can run recruitment rounds with our chosen charities.

Alternatively if you are looking to hire salesforce talent, we can offer you the chance to interview candidates in advance of them starting the course and you can shortlist a new recruit by offering them a job on completion of the course and a bursary for their learning fee. Additional recruitment fees would apply.

Interested? Contact or book a call now


If your employees are currently sat on the bench or have some time spare to upskill in mentoring skills, then get them involved in our mentoring and training programme. We look for volunteer mentors, ambassadors and trainers across our different courses – Admin, Consultancy and Marketing Cloud. Find out more here

Thank you for supporting our Super mums

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