Invest in your own success

Today we hear from Supermums Founder, Heather, on why it makes sense to invest in yourself.

When I started out in my career in my 20’s, the employers I worked for failed to recognise the importance of investing in their employees’ professional development. It wasn’t long before I wised up and realised that to get ahead, I was going to have to strike out and help myself.

I carefully reviewed what I wanted from my career and where it would be wise to invest my time and money, and I’ve never stopped! I’ve since created all my own opportunities by investing in myself and learning from the experts. Armed with new skills and knowledge, I’ve had the confidence to grow several successful social enterprises and now, I encourage others to do the same.

I successfully retrained in Salesforce 10 years ago and founded Economic Change, a consultancy that helps non profits make the most of Salesforce technology to enhance their impact. I have found the more I invest in myself and my team, the more my confidence grows. Just this year I gained my Salesforce NPSP (non-profit success pack) Consultant certification and plan to continue my learning journey. Additionally as business leader, I am pleased to say, I see the return on investment in the continued growth of my business thanks to my motivated and well-qualified team.

Tech training offers a great return on investment

The tech industry in particular is a sector in which you have to continually invest in yourself to keep up with the pace of change. It rewards those who demonstrate a commitment to continued learning with fantastic career opportunities in a variety of roles which can be lucrative and flexible.

Salesforce has offered me great opportunities, which is why I founded the Salesforce Supermums programme and now encourage others to do the same. I am delighted that so far 115 mums (and dads) have graduated from the programme. They have found a renewed sense of confidence and importantly, some brilliant career opportunities. You can read more about their success stories HERE.

Salesforce Supermums training offers a great return on investment. The courses are relatively short and equip you with not only the technical skills but vital work experience and a fantastic community of mentors and other Salesforce champions to support you along the way. It’s not about just training you up either. We want to see trainees achieve their ‘return on investment’ and go on into well-paid flexible work that suits their lifestyles. Our experienced Recruitment Team are ready to make that happen.

Take courage and invest in yourself now and within the year you will be enjoying one of the 3.3m jobs – and the benefits – that the Salesforce ecosystem will create by 2022. What are you waiting for? We have Administrator and Platform Developer courses starting this autumn….

Watch Heather’s Inspirational Story

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