How to secure Salesforce Work Experience

According to a recent poll we hosted on LinkedIn, the biggest barriers to landing a Salesforce job is 1) lack of work experience and 2) confidence.
When you are seeking work experience it is best to do it working alongside an experienced Salesforce professional who can support, verify and assure your work. This will give you and the client the security and confidence to know you are doing the right thing and you can ask for guidance along the way. Once you have completed the job successfully they can give you a recommendation on LinkedIn along with the client.
We would not recommend doing an implementation for an organisation all by yourself for your first project as it’s a massive task to undertake, you might not have the necessary business analysis skills, it’s a risk for them and for you and it won’t get you a verified assured reference. Believe it or not, even the smallest non-profit project can be a challenge for an experienced Salesforce consultant.
It’s therefore best to seek out work experience yourself. You have two options:
1) Handpick, target and write to Salesforce admins in companies or consultancies directly asking if you can undertake work experience with them
2) Join a Salesforce training programme that offers guaranteed work experience
Getting valuable work experience will accelerate your chance at landing your first job by 1) putting your cv at the top of the list and 2) getting a salary in your pocket quicker.
It’s why at Supermums we partner with reputable, global Salesforce consulting partners to offer work experience to our trainees. We provide trainees with the training, tools and a safe space to do their first work for a client working alongside experienced consultants.
We are delighted to be working with the following partners on our admin course:
If you want to get your CV noticed and speed up the chance of getting a job by getting valuable experience then join our admin course starting in September. Apply by the 1st July to get £100 off on our early bird discount.
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