How to be Successful Self-employed Salesforce Consultant

By Heather Black

June 10, 2024
2 min read

Being a Self-Employed Salesforce Consultant is where some of the best money can be made!

So how do train up and make a successful webinar where you could earn £5k/$12k a month, even working part-time?

Watch our FREE webinar on demand as we answer these questions and more:

  • How do you find and secure work?
  • How do you manage your time between life/prospecting/delivery?
  • How do you manage your clients?
  • How do you extend your team to meet more technical requirements?

Whether you want to consider working as a freelancer, being a self employed consultant or growing a Salesforce Consultancy, it will answer some of your questions and you can ask your own questions to the panel.

*This event has already happened but you can access the recording on-demand*

We have some amazing guest speakers:

  • Heather Black, Founder and CEO of Supermums launched her career in 2012 as a self-employed Salesforce consultant. It enabled her to work 3 days a week and look after her young daughter. She focussed on building her client base in the non-profit sector and grew a Salesforce Consultancy to a team of 20 working with 350 non-profits.
  • Caitlin Holland, CEO and founder of Spark Personalisation took the Supermums Marketing Cloud Course and launched her own Marketing Cloud Consultancy.
  • Iris Abbas, founder of Tritons Consultancy, is a Salesforce and Pardot Specialist Consultancy and now has a team of 8 consultants globally. Iris is also a Supermums Mentor for our Salesforce Admin Course.
  • Jo Tranquir, is the founder of JetCloud Ltd and has been a Salesforce Consultant for SME’s, Non-Profits and Enterprise Customers for the lsat 14 years. Jo participated in the Supermums Consultancy Course in 2022.
  • Libby Sole, Delivery Manager at Supermums Recruitments manages our contract desk and support self-employed contractors to land contract opportunities.

*This event has already happened but you can access the recording on-demand*


Written By:

Heather Black
Heather is the founder of Supermums Recruitment and Training. With an extensive background in Salesforce Consultancy, Career Coaching and Training she is passionate about empowering people with the right skills, attributes and knowledge to be successful in their career.

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