Giving Female Business Owners Salesforce Superpowers

In the run up to International’s Women Day 2020 we have launched our new campaign to give female business owners new super powers with Salesforce CRM to transform the growth of their business. We want to enable and level up the success for female business owners by giving them the tools to accelerate their success.

“Heather took action and decided to arrange a demo with a Salesforce consultant. That day her life changed and the rest is history!”

At Supermums, we upskill mums (and dads) as Salesforce Consultants, and now we are matching these talented folk with small business owners looking to implement Salesforce to help power up their business. It’s a match made in heaven that it just makes sense!

Salesforce CRM can help accelerate the growth of a small business by improving sales, customer service and communication. If a CRM is maximised it is proven to be the bedrock for growth by improving customer intelligence, efficiency and performance of team members.

The Founder and CEO of Supermums, Heather Black, lived the dream herself. In 2010 she came across Salesforce CRM for her first small business. She started out in business managing contacts on spreadsheets and outlook, but when she took on new team members and realised that she needed to improve communication with her network, and demonstrate her customer success to win bids she had to look into solutions. Salesforce CRM came recommended, but she had never used or really understood what a CRM could do, so she sat with it for a while unused. This had to change when she realised her new team wasn’t working in a co-ordinated, efficient way as there was no central way to record contacts, activities, sales and communication. She took action and decided to arrange a demo with a Salesforce consultant. That day her life changed and the rest is history!

Through harnessing the power of the CRM to manage customer communication and data intelligence, she managed to transform her business from £100k turnover to £1.3m in one year, going from 3 staff to 40 staff….it was a wild ride. This was achieved through centralisation of contacts which led to improved email marketing and improved customer management for reporting purposes. She was able to win new sales through leveraging her network more readily and quickly and accurately portraying her performance and track record of delivery.

Seeing this transformation first hand was the reason she decided to pursue a career in Salesforce, as she wanted to help other organisations achieve the same outcomes. She loved seeing the power of Salesforce and what it could do, so set out on a path to develop her Salesforce Consultancy.

Now with a team of talented Supermums, she has her army of Salesforce consultants to help give other female entrepreneurs the same super-power. We are on a mission to help provide contract or permanent Salesforce resource to small business owners for short term or long term Salesforce management.

If you are a small business owner with 1-200 employees looking to implement a CRM then arrange a call with the Supermums Team.

We can give you a demo of the product and discuss implementation costs and the talent available to help you get set up, upskill and ready to rock and roll in business with a new CRM.

We fully believe that with new CRM superpowers it will help you scale your business, team and success.

Contact the Supermums Team now by booking a time with Hazel Swan, our in-house Supermum –

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