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Are you looking for a well paid, flexible role with excellent progression opportunities? Read on…

Indeed’s Best Jobs of 2019 lists Salesforce Developer as one of the top 10 jobs, with a growth in job postings of 129% in the period 2015 – 2019. The salary reflects the demand, with average earnings in the region of $112,000 (£90,000+). A shortage of talent and a drive to encourage more women into tech the tech industry means taking time to upskill will pay quick dividends.

The industry needs more women

A report by PwC found that just 15% on employees in STEM roles are female and this decreases to just 5% for those in leadership positions.

In the Salesforce ecosystem the gender balance is less stark in more junior roles, but grows even more significantly for senior technical fields. Across the developed Salesforce markets of Europe, US, India and Australia, women make up about 39% of the workforce, a sign that the efforts of Salesforce and the wider ecosystem to promote gender diversity is having an impact. However, further up the career pyramid towards Certified Technical Architect, the divide becomes dramatically more stark. At Developer level just 20% of the workforce is female and just 9% of Technical Architects are women.

The ecosystem needs more talent

For those who want to build their career in the Salesforce ecosystem, there are great opportunities in a marketplace where demand for talent is growing rapidly. Salesforce is expected to create 3.3m jobs worldwide by 2022, yet already Developer jobs outstrip talent availability by 4:1, and for Technical Architects this rises to a staggering 10:1. Needless to say with these ratios, the rewards for those with the skills can be high and often come with opportunities to negotiate flexible working practises that enable you to combine a career with family life.

Get on the path to Developer now!

The tech industry needs more women in leadership and the Salesforce ecosystem provides a great progression routes for training and development.

At Supermums we have a great community ready and waiting to enable you to develop the skills you need to succeed. If you are looking to take the next steps on your Salesforce journey to Developer or Architect, our Platform Developer I course starts on 4th October. With online learning, practical work experience, mentorship and a recruitment team, we make sure you have the skills, confidence and contacts to claim one of those 3.3m jobs and be a part of decreasing the gender gap in tech.  Be a Trailblazer and get in touch with us now to find out more about Platform Developer I

New to Salesforce?

Not to worry! We have mums joining us from long career breaks and a variety of professional backgrounds. You don’t have to have experience in tech to begin your Salesforce career, just a passion for learning. Find out more about our Admin course HERE and read about some of our Supermum Case Studies HERE

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