Creating a Performing Team during the Storm

Within our Change Management Course on the Supermums Consultancy Skills Programme we talk about ways to build and develop a performing team with clients. The lessons learn’t apply to relationships in both life and work so we wanted to share the principles of the Tuckman Model as we feel they may resonate with you right now when everything is changing around you.

When things aren’t working it can be easy to feel emotional, feel frustrated, complain or have arguments, but what is important to remember is that not everything will go smoothly when you are defining or re-working things as a team. Our response to this is what matters. It’s better to revisit and redefine the relationship – the roles and responsibilities, approach and communications to qualify, clarify or try another way. When are you faced with changing conditions at work and at home, you may have to redefine the way we work as a team.

Within the Tuckman model, this is represented as the norming and storming process. It’s the case of revisiting the process and working through the things that aren’t working to get you back to norming and then work towards performing. Check out the model below.

It’s valuable to share this model with people who are in your team, whether it’s your client team, direct team or even or partner. It helps to put the principles of team development in context, and that it’s okay for people to say if they feel things aren’t quite working and if they want to speak to clarify, discuss and agree a new way of working. It helps to reduce emotional frustration as it give people a framework and permission to revisit a way of working if needed.

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