Salesforce Consultancy Skills Experience Week

Join us for 45 mins a day from 6 – 9 November 2023 and learn how to harness the power of AI as a Salesforce Consultant.

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Benefit from this FREE, high quality 4 day training and get equipped to

  • KNOW HOW to prep your company or client’s Salesforce Instance ready for AI features
  • IMPROVE your productivity as a Salesforce Consultant by using the latest AI technology in your role
  • DEMONSTATE the performance and value of AI technology using CRM Analytics

During the Consultancy Skills Experience Week we are sharing snippets of valuable content from the Supermums Consultancy Skills Training Programme and you will also benefit from our FREE Health Check Business Analysis Template.

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  • Delivered by experienced Salesforce Consultant, Heather Black and Guest Speakers
  • 2.5 hours of content to help you take immediate action.
  • Free Health Check Business Analysis Template

Skills that every Salesforce Consultant Needs

Get prepared to utilise the the latest AI technology in your Salesforce projects.

Day 1 - Contact Management

An introduction to Compliance and Contact Management. AI can enable you to communicate with your contacts more efficiently if your contact management is compliant and clean.

Day 2 - Data Management

An introduction to Data Management. AI can speed up the creation of messages if ‘accurate’ data can be merged into automatically created emails or messages so find out how to manage, cleanse and validate your data.

Day 3 - Harness the Power of Chat GPT

An introduction to Chat GPT and how it can help Salesforce professionals to improve productivity and efficiency in their role.


Day 4 - Analyse Productivity using CRM Analytics

An introduction to CRM Analytics and how it can help you to analyse the performance of an organisation to assess if AI is really helping it to achieve productivity, business outcomes and efficiency.

Join us for Consultancy Skills Experience Week

We have 4 sessions starting on the Monday 6th November. They will be live @ 2pm GMT / 9am ET / 6am PT each day and will include the below:

Plus, hear from industry experts and alumni on the Supermums Consultancy Skills Training Programme and their hands-on experience.

(all sessions are recorded and will be available on demand if you have registered)

Mon 6th November

Contact Management

with Heather Black, Founder and CEO of Supermums

Tuesday 7th November

Data Management

with Heather Black, Founder and CEO of Supermums

Wednesday 8th November

Chat GPT for Salesforce

with Mark Good, CEO of AI Force

Thursday 9th November

CRM Analytics

with Liam O’Shea, Instructor and Head of Curriculum at Supermums

The Consultancy Skills Experience Week is supported by:

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Hear from our Supermums Trainees

Benefits of Learning Consultancy Skills

Benefit from new skills, tools, templates and techniques to apply straight away based on best practice disciplines, and add an extra 10k to your salary.
Benefit from new peer connections, partnerships and opportunities by joining the Supermums community to advance your career opportunities and network.
New ideas and approaches for implementing projects that will impress your clients and boost your reputation and recommendations.

About Supermums and Heather

Heather Black, is the founder and CEO of Supermums.

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