Beat the Monday Blues with these tips to transform your career.

Vicki and Astro

Vicki, our Head of Training shares her top tips to beat the Monday Blues and get a career that inspires you.

My daughter is 2 years old and will NOT let me take off her pajamas until she has seen (and approved of) the outfit I have set out for her. While it drives me up a wall, it also got me to thinking about what a great mindset that is.

How many of us have been stuck in dead-end jobs, or in a role that you were once happy with, but for one reason or another just isn’t cutting it? Many of our Supermums grads have shared that they felt that way before joining the course.

What do our Supermums and a 2 year old have in common?!

They wanted to know what they were getting into before jumping from the old to the new, whether that be clothing or job roles. My daughter wanted to know that she was getting a pretty dress, preferably sparkly and that twirls. Our Supermums didn’t just start applying for jobs that they either wouldn’t be qualified for or wouldn’t give them the change they were ultimately looking for. Instead, they underwent a transformation as they upskilled in Salesforce, taking the time and energy to invest in their own futures.

What can we learn from both?

If you’re feeling the Monday blues in your current role, before jumping straight into the job search, consider these take-aways:

  1. Envision your future role: Figure out what exactly it is that you don’t enjoy about your current role and put some thought into what factors are important to you and would make a difference. Is it finding something that is more challenging, or more flexible, or better paid?
  2. Identify the skills you need: Look at job roles that would be interesting to you. Now compare that job role to your current CV. What skills are you missing and how can you upskill to fill that gap?
  3. Invest in your future: Put the time and energy into gaining those skills. Even if that dream job that you saw on a recruitment site is no longer available by the time you’ve upskilled, another one like it will be. Putting your energy and money into training can be scary and takes guts, but it shows employers that you are willing to make a change and it will open new doors for you.
  4. Stick with it: Training can be hard and take time, but just tell yourself that with each step, you are that much closer to qualifying for something better. You’ll look back at the challenges you overcome while upskilling as vital lessons that prepared you for your dream job.

What now?

So if you are sitting at your desk feeling stuck and down in the dumps, do something about it! It takes planning, time and effort, but you can find a job that inspires some Monday Motivation and gets you excited about the week ahead.

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