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A brand’s ability to connect with consumers now depends on their ability to create engaging digital experiences across various channels. There are, therefore, some fantastic career opportunities in the global marketplace for those with up-to-date marketing technology knowledge and skills.

Digital technology has changed the face of marketing in the last few years and the pace of change continues. Consumers are now demanding personalised experiences, relatable content, interactivity and responsiveness across multiple channels. Accenture’s ‘Digital Marketing Trends’ report recognises that trend and makes some key recommendations regarding the need for businesses to evolve to meet consumer demand by investing in AI, voice technology video content and storytelling.

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce is at the forefront of marketing technology; the Marketing Cloud product has been recognised as a leader in marketing automation thanks to its modern interface and intuitiveness.

2019’s ‘Cyber week’ beat all records for online sales, mobile was the number one device driving traffic and orders. During the holiday period Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud sent more than 162bn emails, SMS messages and notifications, giving customers the digital sales experience they want when they want it.

Salesforce’s latest growth has been driven by it’s Marketing and Commerce products and global brands like Adidas, Eurostar, Kimberly Clark,, Ticketmaster and American Express all use Marketing Cloud to connect with customers. If you want to find out more about how companies use Marketing Cloud, check out the Customer Success Stories, HERE

Now is the time to upskill

The growth is expected to continue for 2020, and with an ever-expanding certification track , you’ll be joining a highly desirable pool of talent. Marketing Cloud certifications will make you hugely employable across a range of industries.

The Supermums Marketing Cloud Course, sponsored by Accenture, commences in March, April and October. It includes up-to-date insights on the state of the industry as well as the Salesforce skills you need to launch your career in digital marketing. We will delve into the multiple channels and tools that make Marketing Cloud one of the most sought-after marketing automation tools in the market – from Email Studio, Journey Builder, Automation Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Marketing Cloud Connect, and more! There’s also the opportunity to work on live paid projects, so you can be learning and earning.

Download a pack and book a call with Hazel to discuss your suitability for the course now… applications are open!

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